Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How I Edit My Instagrams

Instagram is definitely my favorite form of social media whether I am running it for my blog or for my school's chapter of Kappa Delta. I love styling photos and then editing them to make them extra bright and colorful. I typically only use one app to do this and it is one that I find myself constantly recommending to people looking for a good photo editing app. VSCO cam is by far my favorite. With the ability to adjust just about everything in the picture I don't ever find myself needing any other app. 

I start by trying to make sure that I have good lighting when taking a photo. My dorm room had the best lighting due to a huge window right in front of my white bed which made for a perfect setup. Now that I am home I have had to find new places with great lighting, so far our laundry room is the winner.

Usually my photos are just straight from my iPhone 5 camera. I typically set my camera in square mode (especially if I know I want to post the photo to instagram, would hate to have to crop something out) and have the chrome filter ready to go. I'm not sure if many people tend to leave a filter on on their phone but I feel like it make colors brighter and the entire picture a bit more aesthetically pleasing. 

After taking at least 7-10 photos of the one area I choose my favorite and jump into editing it. I open up VSCO cam and go straight into custom editing. For me I try to make sure my photos are bright but I try not to make them to grainy. I start by increasing the exposure a bit and depending on the photo increase or decrease the contrast of the photo. I tend to increase the saturation and then go into temperature and decrease it by one or two notches. Highlights and shadows are two elements I only tend to adjust if the picture calls for it but other wise I leave those alone. And then I am done when it comes to VSCO cam and am ready to take the photo to instagram. Occasionally I will further enhance the pictures through instagram if I feel like they need it but that is the same sort of process.

Here is a photo I instagrammed recently in comparison with the final result after I edited it.


This is how I ended up editing it on VSCO Cam.
Exposure +2 | Contrast -1 | Saturation +3 | Highlights +5 | Shadows +3 | Temperature -2

Here are a couple of other photos I've enhanced through VSCO cam.


Exposure +2 | Contrast -4 | Saturation +3 | Highlights +2 | Shadows +6 | Temperature -1


Exposure +3 | Contrast +1 | Saturation +2 | Highlights +4 | Shadows +1 | Temperature -2

How do y'all edit your photos? Do you prefer to leave yours unedited or enhanced?


  1. Love this post, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this Dorothy! I am a newer blogger so I am always curious how others edit their pictures! I like to turn up the brightness so it is edited but doesn't look that edited!


  3. Love this post, Dorothy! I always noticed how your instagram had a certain scheme to it and I've always wondered how you get it to look so consistent!


  4. I tried to use VSCO Cam but I think https://macphun.com/intensify is better. This is my favorite photo editing app, try to and I'm sure you'll like it, really this one is better than VSCO Cam.

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