Monday, November 8, 2021

Step Into My Week 11.8

 It was only a matter of time for my optimism to get two to three posts up a week would be interrupted by the number of hours there are in a day. Hopefully, you’ll forgive me since that means today there is a two-week Step Into My Week update! 

Since this is two weeks' worth of life, we’ll just hit the high notes since most weekdays are spent with an early morning workout, photoshoot, and lots of emails with after-work hours spent working on Hibiscus House tasks, cooking, or hanging out with friends! 

The highlights during the week two weeks ago include it finally being cold enough to consistently wear sweaters, a delicious soup night while watching the braves, and a dress snafu courtesy of Neiman Marcus sending me a dress they figured would fit the bill for a New Orleans wedding but was sequin-covered and not for me! 

Sweater from Something Navy (last season) 

Friday of that week was rather eventful since Hunter and I were New Orleans bound for a wedding he was in. On the drive down, he got the phone call that he was being offered a job he had applied for, which made for a very fun start to the weekend!! We got to New Orleans around 3:30 and by 4:00 he was headed to the rehearsal, and I fueled up on coffee while watching Harry Potter before it was time for me to meet up with him at the rehearsal dinner. The dinner took place at Antoine’s, which was delicious and after lots of toasts, a big group of us headed to Bourbon Street for a bit. I think I finally went to bed around 2:30 that night and was happy to sleep in the following morning. 

Hunter didn’t have to be dressed for the wedding photos until around 2:30 which gave us time to grab brunch at Monty’s and walk down to The Sazerac House. I initially thought I’d be spending the day by myself and asked a coworker for New Orleans suggestions, and I am so glad she told me about this museum. The Sazerac House is free to tour and includes samples of different drinks as you go through the different floors. We are still raving to everyone about how beautifully done it was, and I’d definitely go back again! By the time our tour there wrapped up, Hunter had to go get changed, and I wandered around the area near the hotel and grabbed a cup of coffee. Eventually, I made my way back to shower and chill out before getting ready. I met up with another groomsman’s girlfriend at The Sazerac Bar at The Roosevelt so we could get a drink before heading to the ceremony together. Once the ceremony was over it was back to The Omni Royal for the reception. Following the reception, we went to a few other bars before grabbing a pizza on our way back. Sunday morning, we packed up and walked over to the same brunch spot before making the drive back to Birmingham! 

This past week felt like a lot of the time not spent working was spent recovering from a weekend out of town since most nights felt pretty busy. I had bible study Monday night, a member mingle for The Scout Guide Tuesday night before Hunter and I watched the Braves game with his sister’s boyfriend, a workout class with a friend Wednesday night followed by dinner with Hunter’s mom, and then a big location shoot on Thursday that was outside in a cold mist. By Thursday afternoon, I was beyond ready for a laid-back night in, which worked in my favor since Hunter decided to smoke wings on his Traeger. We watched a couple of episodes of Squid Games that night before I was too tired to keep my eyes open. Friday night we got dinner with Hunter’s siblings and cooked with them on Saturday night while watching the Alabama game after going to a brewery during the day. My Sunday was pretty typical, which felt much needed and I was so glad to have had a weekend in town to relax! 

I hope y’all had a great week! I’m hoping to have some gift guides up this week for y’all to start on your Christmas shopping, so stay tuned!!


  1. Do you have a link for the first sweater with the blue polka dots in the ruffles? So cute!

    1. Hey! It's from Something Navy's summer sale back in August. I don't see it on their site at the moment, but they have plenty of other cute things available now!

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