Monday, November 15, 2021

Step Into My Week 11.15

 Happy Monday! Happy to report that if you’re reading this then you’ve survived the first week of it getting darker earlier this year. I don’t mind cold weather, but the shortened days definitely feel like they contribute to my productive hours shortening too. This week that wasn’t too much of a problem though since I had Thursday and Friday off from work. 

I started my week as I typically do with a class at MPower before showering, picking up flowers, and heading into the office. I had a shoot the previous Thursday, which meant I had some unpacking that needed to be done to return the products I borrowed. I also was scheduled for a shoot on Wednesday and wanted to begin repacking for that. Those tasks were briefly interrupted by a meeting at 11:00, and afterward, I went to Trader Joes to get a few more flowers on my way home. Once at home, I arranged the flowers for my shoot and sent some follow-up emails out. Later in the afternoon, I met my friend Ellen (who happened to be my sorority grand little) for a walk on Jemison Trail. I was supposed to have bible study that night, but we all agreed to use the night as a catchup day which gave me time to work that night. I had made lasagna soup in my crockpot, which I happily ate for dinner.

Tuesday, I went to MPower before working from home most of the day. Later on, I went to the Hibiscus House showroom for a little bit to regroup with Elizabeth. Our sink and dishwasher were having some issues, so it was nice to cook dinner at Hunter’s house that night. We finished watching Netflix’s Squid Games, and I left pretty early to go to bed.

Wednesday was my only shoot day of the week, but since it was a location shoot, I was in the office pretty early to finalize all of my props and load them in my car. We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful fall weather and had the perfect setting to execute the shoot. I think we wrapped around 2:00, and I was able to go back to the office to unload everything before making my way home. Eventually, I showered and ate dinner, but I spent most of the evening working on blog content and Hibiscus House tasks while watching Gilmore Girls. 

Since Thursday was Veteran’s Day, I was given the day off from work and went to MPower a little bit later in the morning than usual. I went to the Hibiscus House showroom for a while before heading home to change for a Friendsgiving I had that night. Hunter and I made what we were taking and finished helping set up at our friend’s house before everyone else showed up. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos, but we had quite the spread and were able to sit on their screened porch for our meal.

I decided to take Friday off since I still have a substantial amount of unused vacation time and celebrated by sleeping in a little bit. Eventually, I got up and started my day, and around 11:00 met Elizabeth at the Birmingham Home and Garden Inspiration Home. We were there for about 30 minutes touring it and taking pictures before grabbing lunch and going to the Hibiscus House showroom to take a few styled photos. I worked from home later in the afternoon and met up with my friends around 5:30 for a drink before dinner at Slims in Crestline Village. We all split pizzas and enjoyed delicious cocktails before heading our separate ways. I think I was home and asleep before 10:30! 


Saturday morning, I enjoyed coffee in bed before taking an MPower class. When I came home, I cleaned the house, did some laundry, and showered before meeting up with the same friends from the night before for lunch at Brick & Tin. After lunch, we did some shopping around the villages, and I eventually went home to take it easy for a bit before needing to get ready for a wedding Hunter and I attended that night. The ceremony was at a church in Birmingham with a reception to follow at the Birmingham Country Club. The food was amazing and the bartenders were very generous in their pours which kept everyone on the dancefloor for most of the event. I got home around 11:00 and was excited to take off my heels and put on pajamas before going to bed! 

I slept in a bit on Sunday before getting up and getting some work done. Midmorning, I treated myself to Crestline Bagel before working through some more tasks. In the afternoon, I went on a walk and talked on the phone with my parents and once I was back at my house made the food I was taking for that night’s Friendsgiving. Before getting ready and going to that, I had a zoom meeting for about an hour. Friendsgiving started around 6:30 and we all left around 8:00 VERY full. We had a delicious spread of all the Thanksgiving regulars and it was good to get together before we head our separate ways to spend the holiday with our families. Once I was home I did a little bit more work before getting in bed and falling asleep before 10:00.

I hope y’all had an equally restful and fun week! 


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