Thursday, November 11, 2021

Prep In Your Step Top Reader Clicked & Purchased Gifts

 ‘Tis the season for holiday-related content! I’m already feeling behind this year (which is no fun), but everyone got a very early start and when I went on a long walk on Sunday, I saw three Christmas trees already set up (what!?). While I still don’t plan to set up my Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving, I am doing my very best to go ahead and order Christmas presents. With expected shipping delays and supply chain issues if there’s ever a year to get on top of shopping it’s this one! 

By this time last year, I already had a few gift guides live, but late is better than never and I always like to start my guides for the season by looking back at the past year’s most popular items! For not being a math person I oddly love looking into analytics which is how I came across the items I’m sharing today.

Top Reader Purchased Gifts

The image below features which gifts I shared last year were my top reader purchases. Unfortunately, I’m not able to confirm based on my analytics that once clicked the items shown are the ones actually purchased, but these products did lead to the most sale click-throughs! It’s such an interesting combination of items, but I appreciate y’alls range in price points with these pieces! 

1. Frye Melissa Button Boot 

2. Monogrammed Jean Jacket

3. Hand Painted Pet Ornament

4. Ceramic Custom Cache Pot

5. Nordstrom CZ Necklace

6. Family Crest Ring

7. Anecdote 'Adulting' Candle

8. ABC Jogger Pants

9. Lake Pajamas

10. Intaglio on Canvas

Top Reader Clicked Gifts

I find this category of “clicked” gifts to be a bit more accurate since unlike the purchased gifts I know this is the exact item you went to see from my gift guides regardless of if you decided to purchase the item. It’s very clear that y’all are my people with the inclusion of this gift! I need to order a few this year to have on hand for dirty Santa and even to make Christmas morning more entertaining! 

1. Amazon Sweater

2. Vintage Havana Sneakers

3. Vintage Board Game Box

4. Coffee Mug Warmer

5. Honeydew PJ Set

6. Home Exterior Watercolor

7. Pinch Errand Kit

8. Margarita Machine - Prank Gift Box

9. Laddered Standing Desk

10. Neck & Back Massager

I’ll be saying this a lot in the coming weeks, but if you’re eager to start your shopping and I haven’t gotten around to making a guide for who you are shopping for then be sure to check out last year’s gift guides. I compiled ALL of them here and hate to say this about something I created, but they are really really really good! 

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