Tuesday, November 16, 2021

My 2021 Christmas and Birthday Wish List

 Drum roll, please! After being asked by my parents multiple times, I am finally sharing my Christmas and birthday (12/26) wish list. It may have taken me longer than expected to come up with what to put on it this year, but I think this is the earliest I’ve shared my own wish list since I typically wait until after Thanksgiving to get this live. I know supply chain issues have everyone eager to get started on their Christmas shopping this year, so I understand my parent’s sense of urgency in getting this from me! 

With a birthday the day after Christmas, this is the one time of year that I put together a wish list, and in years past, it has been a bit more practical of a round-up. It took me a while to come up with items this time since I definitely don't need anything and because of that I’ve included some things I’ve had my eyes on for quite a while but haven’t ever asked for or purchased for myself. Since my parents tend to shop directly from this blog post, I’ve included links to the items, color preferences, and sizing right here for them! Last year they knocked it out of the park by gifting me a Dyson Vacuum from my wish list, which I wasn’t expecting to actually receive, so by putting down more ideas than I’d ever anticipate being gifted it’ll be fun to be surprised on Christmas morning! 

To shop these pieces I’ve included links directly below this image and in the text beneath as well as a clickable image at the bottom of this post. 

I am on the verge of finishing my full size bottle of this perfume and thought having a travel size container of it would fill in well for a while. That was before my travel container of it fell on my bathroom floor and shattered. My bathroom still smells fantastic because of it, but now I don't have any of my favorite scent left to wear. 

The pandemic really changed my preferences in planners since I was using a to-do list alongside a monthly calendar since I didn't want to purchase a 2021 planner after only using my 2020 one for a few months. After a lot of research I stubbed upon this one which seems to fit all of my recent calendar needs. 

Last weekend I went through all of my socks and decided it was time to purge some of the ones with holes. I even decided to get rid of some of my sticky workout socks that weren't quite as sticky anymore. Because of that, I'd love a couple of new pairs since they are what I wear too MPower. I've had a number of Sticky Be socks over the years and think they have the cutest styles and hold up well! 

size: 8.5
I hate buying new running shoes. It feels like punishment for being active. I always get the exact same style, so this year I figured I'd put them on my Christmas list as an option instead of waiting to purchase them until I am in desperate need. I have this exact same model, but would love to switch it up a bit in my next pair with this color. 

color: Cobalt
Last year as a combined gift, Nell gave me two of these last year for Christmas and my birthday and they were such a sweet surprise. I love colored glassware and think it would be fun to continue to build on my collection! If you're looking for a great gift these are especially awesome since they are packaged really beautifully. 

size: Medium
I've loved this print and style of pajamas for a long time and realize I don't have many pairs of long sleeve, long pant pajamas. While they are expensive I know they'd get a lot of wear and be fun to reach for when getting ready for bed! 

size: Small
This is definitely a "reach" present, but that's what a wishlist is for, right? I have a shirt from Mi Golondrina that I gifted myself for surviving my first and only year of teaching and to date it is still one of my favorite clothing pieces I own. It gets a ton of wear and makes me smile when I reach for it! I think Mi Golondrina's dresses are equally as beautiful and unique, and I love that they've started incorporating patterned fabrics alongside their embroidery. 

I love cooking out of a cookbook. I still find plenty of recipes to make online, but having a hard copy in front of me is way better than staring at my phone while cooking. A few of my favorite cooking accounts to follow on Instagram have cookbooks out or coming out that I don't own but would love to! 

I've heard great thinks about this moisturizer and am always looking for something to brighten my complexion up a bit. Vitamin C is a great way to do that and I'd love to give this a try! 

size: 10 (I like these loose)
I love these Lululemon shirts but they run pretty tight. I've actually found an Amazon alternative for most of the short sleeve ones, but have Lululemon's striped version in long sleeves and would love it in short sleeves as well. 

I asked for this last year and I think my family thought it was a joke, but here it is again in full proof that I was serious!

size: 8.5
color: Latte Suede
One hole in my closet that I've been noticing the past month or so when getting ready is a pair of neutral shoes that works well with jeans and dresses that isn't boots, booties, or sneakers. My friend Sophia loves her Birdies and I love the look of them! I think these would be both cute and practical making them a great gift idea. 

My mom LOVES an antique mall or estate sale. She's always telling me when good sales are happening in Birmingham and goes to the ones she can in Fairhope. She finds it fun to have a few wishlist items that she can keep her eyes peeled for while she's shopping. Gold bangles are always on mine. I have a thicker smooth one and a thinner etched one both of which I love wearing when getting dressed up. I'd love to add more to my collection as she sees them at a great price. The ones linked are really just for look and I can't imagine paying that much knowing the deals she gets at her sales! 

This is another item I have my mom keep her eyes peeled for when shopping. Since I often have leftover flowers from shoots it would be nice to have cute, small vessels for me to display around my house. The ones linked are from Surcie and look to be sold out, but hopefully, they have something similar soon if you're on the hunt for cute vases! 

I'd love to know what y'all are asking for this holiday season!


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