Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Fall Dresses Perfect For Everyday Wear & Thanksgiving

 After having this post on my to-write list for so long I’m so excited it’s finally going up. Because I hadn’t had time to make it yet, it’s really almost like two posts in one with how many dresses I kept discovering and adding to the graphic! In the spring and summer, I live in dresses. It was rare to find me in anything else for work, and I think that’s why now that the temperatures are cooling down that it feels harder to get dressed since I don’t have as many great fall dresses to reach for. After creating this post, I’ve ordered a few to try that I’m optimistic will make getting dressed a breeze again.

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I know that dresses aren’t always practical for every climate during this season, but in Alabama, they work pretty well and I’m grateful for that! I did my best to include a variety of styles and price points so that there would be something to appeal to everyone. There are quite a few under $50 finds that are especially cute. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, maybe this will even help you to answer the ‘what to wear for Thanksgiving’ question that is already on my brain. 

If you see one you love, you can click directly on it in the image below to be taken to where it can be purchased! 

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