Monday, June 14, 2021

Step Into My Week 6.14

 Before we get into the nitty-gritty of today’s Step Into My Week post, I figured it would be a disservice not to tell you about a collaboration launching this morning at 9 am CST. According to Mi Golondrina’s Instagram, they are launching a collaboration with Lake Pajamas. Y’all probably know by now that Lake Pajamas are my favorite PJ brand, and I’ve adored the embroidery and styles of Mi Golondrina’s pieces for years (I even splurged and bought myself one of their tops after surviving my first year of teaching). I am so excited to see what is being offered and will be updating Instagram with my favorite styles once they launch! 

As for this past week, it was pretty much normal now that we are feeling more settled in our new rental house. I did have a sore throat and cold to kick it off, which wasn’t ideal, but my body loves to save getting sick until I “have time” and I think that’s what it finally did then. 

Because I wasn’t feeling great on Sunday night, I canceled my Monday morning workout and opted to sleep until 6:45 instead. At that point, I got up and went through my typical morning routine before jumping on a video call mid-morning to discuss a shoot I had coming up. I went to the grocery store during my lunch break and worked from home in the afternoon. It was rainy all week too, so I was glad to be able to get things done from the comfort of my home. I cooked a southwest chicken bowl recipe that night and watched an episode of Cruel Summer before going to bed pretty early.

My throat started to feel a bit better on Tuesday, so I went to a cycling class at 6:00 that morning before starting my workday. I got a lot of work done ordering in products for an upcoming shoot that morning and went through emails and other prep work in the afternoon. Later in the day, I went to the Hibiscus House showroom to help Elizabeth arrange some of the new furniture that came in and outline our week’s to-do list. I came home and was surprised by a flower delivery and that night to eat leftovers and watch the first episode of The Bachelorette with my roommate. This season seems like it’s going to be especially raunchy, so I’m not sure how much of it I’ll actually watch, but I was glad to have an inaugural couch night with her at home! 

My one shoot of the week happened to be on Wednesday, so I was up early to head to the office to prepare for that. We were shooting a variety of different Dutch Oven dinners for an October issue and wrapped the shoot mid-afternoon. I was able to put away some props and get additional work done before an afternoon MPower class. I’ve gotten in such a habit of working out in the morning that it was kind of nice to mix it up a bit. After that, I came home and showered, and then Hunter came over, and we made Jambalaya. We struggled to find something to watch and settled on Twin Peaks on Hulu. It’s an old show and the acting is kind of mediocre, but now I really want to know what happens, so maybe we’ll watch it for a bit. Hunter left, and I think I was asleep by 9:30, thanks to the storms outside.

I had planned to go to a cycling class early on Thursday morning, but the instructor texted me to inform me that everyone else had canceled, and I felt bad making her teach a private class just to me. Instead, I slept in a little and then thought I’d tackle my to-do list but instead had to put together a pre-production document that I was told about that morning for a client photoshoot I have this weekend. I’m still not sure why that was my responsibility instead of the marketing person’s, but I got it done by mid-day and then finally got around to what I actually wanted to accomplish. I went to the office to start pulling props for that shoot and packaging up returns from a location shoot the previous week. I came home and worked more until around 6:00 when I went over to Hunter’s house so that we could go for a walk. We walked to Crestline Village and ate at Taco Mama since it had finally stopped storming. After walking back we watched the US Women’s National Team’s soccer game, and then I left to head home.

I was up early again on Friday morning for another MPower class before showering and packing for the lake. Fortunately, I finished those things before starting my work day and was able to finish the second half of my workday in the car on the way to the lake after a pit stop at the store for food to cook over the weekend. It was rainy when we arrived, which didn’t bother me, and we made sandwiches and ate them on the porch while watching soccer. I was able to get some more work done before the sun finally came out, and we changed to sit on the dock. Around 5:00, we made some guacamole and hung out a little longer before deciding to go on a bike ride but realizing we didn’t know where the bikes were. Instead, we hung out on the porch a little while longer, and I ended up falling asleep, oops. Hunter had showered and started making dinner, so I quickly showered and helped him with that. We ate on the porch, and once we finished playing a few rounds of backgammon while watching The Hunger Games out there. I was pretty tired, so I went to bed around 10:30. 

My internal clock woke me up around 6:00 on Saturday morning, but fortunately, I was able to fall back asleep until 9:00. It felt so nice to sleep in, and because it was overcast, we were able to have a leisurely morning. We had started making Elisabeth and Butter’s French Toast recipe the night before and put that in the oven while sipping coffee and watching more soccer. Once the French Toast was close to being ready, we made eggs and bacon and finally ate our brunch. At that point, it was time to change into swimsuits, pack a boat tote and cooler, and wait for my friend Hallie to pick us up on the boat to go on a ride and to lunch together. She showed up around 11:30 with her boyfriend and another couple, and we boated to The Landing for lunch. Thankfully the sun was out, and we didn’t have to deal with any more rain the rest of the weekend. Since Hunter and I had such a late breakfast we split a sushi roll and Mahi tacos and each had a Bushwacker for dessert. We left The Landing around 3:45 after hanging out for a while and made it back to Hunter’s parent’s lake house around 4:30. Hunter and I quickly had to change since he had a 5:30 tee time at a nearby golf course, and I had offered to ride along with him. I read most of the time while he played and once he finished, we ate outside at the club. On our drive home, we saw tons of deer and got cleaned up before starting Lupin on Netflix. We watched the first two episodes before calling it a night. 

Hunter had a 7:30 tee time on Sunday, but since I rode along the night before, I decided to stay at the house. I did some laundry and cleaned up before getting some work done while eating breakfast. Eventually, I changed into my swimsuit and went to read on the dock. Hunter got back around 11:30 and made himself lunch before joining me by the lake. We stayed out there cooling off by getting in and out of the water until 2:00 when I made myself lunch, and we packed up. I think we got on the road to head back to Birmingham around 3:20 and made it back in pretty good time. Once I was home, I showered, unpacked, talked on the phone to my parents, and then sat on my bed getting some work done. I ate dinner and got in bed pretty early to read since I’m nearing the end of my book.

I hope that y’all had a nice week and weekend too! I’m really hoping it doesn’t rain here so much this week.

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