Monday, June 28, 2021

Step Into My Week 6.28

 When thinking back over the last week, it was kind of a blur. I’m not even sure I’m properly remembering all that I’ve been up to, which is alarming since it didn’t happen that long ago! I had some jam-filled days which made the week go by even quicker, which was nice since I had a weekend I was looking forward to.

After going to 3 workout classes in a row the previous days, I took a much-needed break on Monday and got up to work on my Amazon Prime Day blog post instead. I eventually went to the office to check to make sure everything I needed for my shoot the following day had arrived and made a pit stop at Trader Joe’s before coming home to work from there in the afternoon. I had a few phone calls and got through some things on my to-do list before Hunter came over so that we could make dinner. We had Trader Joe’s orange chicken and vegetable fried rice before going to our friend Macy’s house to celebrate her birthday with desserts. There was cake and alcohol-filled milkshakes which made for a sweet end of a Monday.

Tuesday morning, I woke up for an early MPower class before coming home to rinse off and get a bit of work done before getting flowers and heading into the office. It had been raining a lot the past few days, which was not ideal given that I was supposed to have an outdoor shoot that afternoon, but thankfully the rain cleared in time for us to start that around 2:30. We wrapped close to 6:00, and I rushed home to shower before heading to Hunter’s house for a cookout he had arranged. I wish I had a picture of the table setup he had on his back porch, complete with towels as tablecloths and an arrangement he put together of flowers from his backyard. Other people brought sides, and he made ribs and wings. It was nice that it had been raining since it made it comfortable to sit outside that night. 

Wednesday morning, I decided to allow myself to sleep past 5:00 and woke up rested to work on my least favorite task, my expense report. I was able to accomplish that in the morning and got through a few other to-do list items before going to the Hibiscus House showroom in the afternoon. Once I got home from there around 6:00, I dropped off some leftover flowers with friends before my friend Mary came over to eat dinner and hang out while watching The Parent Trap. She had some work to get done during that time, so I was able to work on a few things as well, which was much more enjoyable with her company. Once she left, I started to lay out a few things to pack before going to sleep. 

I went to a 6:00 cycle class on Thursday morning and came home to shower and finish up some laundry and packing before getting to work. I had taken a half-day, so at lunchtime, I went to pick Hunter up so that we could drive to Greenville, SC since we had a wedding to attend in Charlotte over the weekend. We got to Greenville around 6:00 and quickly changed at Sophia and Judson’s house, where we were staying, before going to dinner at the 05 with them. We grabbed drinks downtown afterward and were still in bed pretty early. 

Friday morning, we were all up early to get ready since Sophia, and I had a bridesmaid’s brunch to attend at 11:00 in Charlotte at The Duke Mansion. We arrived earlier than necessary, which gave us time to explore before sending the guys off to golf. Sophia and I went shopping once the brunch was over and then checked into the hotel for downtime before the rehearsal dinner at The Mint Museum that night. The view from the venue was of downtown Charlotte, which was pretty and after the meal and toasts, there was a band and dancing. Once the event was over, we went back to the hotel and went to sleep after a full day. 

find my dress here

find my dress here

Saturday morning, I slept in a little bit before getting ready and grabbing brunch with my big and her fiancé. Hunter and I scootered there and had so much fun doing that that we scootered around some of Charlotte after too. We eventually met back up with Sophia and Judson and got a drink at a restaurant nearby while watching part of a soccer game. Although she and I weren’t bridesmaids, we had been asked to do a few tasks throughout the weekend and were to be at the church at 3:45, which meant we went back to the hotel somewhat early in the afternoon to get ready. The service began at 4:30, and there was even a gospel choir during the ceremony, which was awesome! After that, we went to the reception and enjoyed the night there until it was over around 10:00. It was so much fun getting to spend time with Ellison and Furman friends I hadn’t seen in a while but by the time it ended, I was tired and ready to take off my heels! 

find my dress here (runs big, I'm in an XS)

We woke up early on Sunday morning and ate breakfast and packed up so that we could make it back in time for Hunter to play golf with some friends. I napped before showering, unpacking, and talking on the phone with my parents. I ate dinner while watching TV for a bit before going to bed early! 

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