Monday, June 7, 2021

Step Into My Week 6.7

 Wow, does it feel good sitting down to write this and actually get it live on a Monday morning. I hate feeling like I am slacking in any area of my life, and lately, it feels like sharing things with y’all both on the blog and Instagram has been where I’ve struggled most. I have lots of ideas, but lately have been lacking the time and am hoping that now that I have a couple of super busy weeks behind me, that can change.

I skipped a Step Into My Week post last week but truly don’t have much to update y’all on in that regard since I was mainly packing up to move and stayed in town for Memorial Day weekend, so instead I’m just focusing on this past week, but here are a few photos from the week before as documentation! 

With Monday being Memorial Day, I didn’t have work and instead started my morning with an MPower Pilates workout before spending some of my morning packing my final boxes for the move next door. I was house sitting and finally decided to take advantage of the homeowner’s pool (with permission, of course) and read there for a little while before meeting my friends Mary and Mallory at a different pool. By mid-afternoon, I was ready to get out of the sun and make sure everything was squared away at home. I talked on the phone to my parents, vacuumed, and put boxes in the living room to easily transport before going to bed pretty early.

Tuesday was the start of our moving day, we just had to wait for the new house to be cleaned before actually moving our stuff inside, so it was a bit of a waiting game which I didn’t enjoy since moving already makes me feel unsettled and antsy. Since I had taken that day and the next as vacation days from work, I was more than eager to get started moving since I didn’t have a ton to do work-wise to occupy my time either. Around 9:00, I started to move our deck furniture to the new deck, and Hunter came to help me with that. We went and grabbed breakfast at Crestline Bagel in an attempt to occupy my time and distract me from the move and also catch up since he had been out of town with some of his friends for the week. We also ran to get flowers for my shoot on Thursday so that I wouldn’t have to worry about doing that the following day.

Around lunchtime, the cleaners arrived, and he and I moved over all of the stuff from our basement (Christmas decorations, storage bins, etc.) to in front of the garage of the new house to make that easy to push in when we had access to it. We ate a sandwich as a late lunch, and then finally, around 5:00 were given the keys and the go-ahead to actually move everything in. With the help of a few guys, Rebecca and I were able to get all of the stuff from our last house into the new one by around 7:30. It was an exhausting two and a half hours, but somehow, we all got it done! I showered and started trying to settle into my room but needed to step away from the clutter and went over to Hunter’s house to eat dinner before heading back to go to sleep.

I woke up early on Wednesday, eager to start putting everything in its place, starting with the kitchen. Once I had done that, I worked on my room and got everything in there situated as best as I could. Later in the afternoon, I had to arrange the flowers for my shoot the following day, and the only spot clear enough of boxes where I could do that was the kitchen floor. After finishing that, Hunter came over and helped upgrade our TV, and then we went to Walmart so that I could get a new shower head, extension cord, and a few other necessary items for the new place. I did my final walkthrough of our old house and made sure everything was clean there before he and I went and got Saws for dinner. I came back to shower and get in bed early since I had a location shoot for work the next day. 

I got to the office around 7:00 to finish packing for my shoot and load the van. This shoot was for a May/June issue for next year, and even with having seven recipes to get through we were able to wrap the shoot around 3:00. I was exhausted by the time I unloaded everything at the office and was excited to come home to rainy weather, giving me the perfect excuse to stay in and continue to organize. I had agreed to dog-sit for my friend Macy, so other than going over to her house to play with Lolly I mainly stayed at home that night. 

Friday morning, I was up early to let Lolly out and feed her, and I stayed and worked from their house until I went to work out. I continued to work there until after lunchtime and then came home and unpack our living room and then it was time to shower and eventually begin getting ready for my plans that evening. We attended Hunter’s sister’s deb ball that night, and it was fun to have an excuse to get dressed up after being gross and sweaty from moving all week. We ate dinner around 6:00, and the presentation began close to 9:00, so I knew it was going to be a late-night but was not expecting to be out on the dance floor until 1:00. I think I finally went to sleep close to 2:00 that night and fell asleep quickly after a very long day.

Saturday morning, I continued to situate things at the house before Hunter and I got a late breakfast at Hero Doughnuts before playing with Lolly for a while. I came back home and took it easy in the afternoon before getting ready and going back over to Macy’s to hang with Lolly before my plans that evening. My roommate, Rebecca’s, birthday was on Friday, so we got a group together on Saturday night to properly celebrate. We went to Carrigan’s Beer Garden and Hunter’s sister Janie and her boyfriend, Matthew, joined us, which was fun. After leaving and letting Lolly out, we went over to Hunter’s parents’ house to play Mexican Train with Janie and Matthew. I think we finally left there around 12:30, which was later than I had thought I would be up that night.

I got up at 6:00 on Sunday to hang out with Lolly and feed her, and I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt so exhausted. Hunter and I got breakfast around 9:30, and then I came home and napped until after 1:00. I talked on the phone to my parents in the afternoon, had an early dinner, and got in bed around 6:30 since I was so tired, and my throat had started to bother me. I’m pretty sure I was asleep by 8:00 and am hoping that with a less stressful week and a lot of sleep, I can get over the exhaustion and symptoms of a summer cold I’m kicking this week off with. 

Thanks for bearing with me as I get back into trying to post regularly! I hope y’all have a great week. 

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