Monday, June 1, 2020

Step Into My Week 6.1

There’s no way to start today’s post without delving into the situation currently at hand. I haven’t known what to say during a lot of the Coronavirus and often keep my mouth shut for fear of saying the wrong thing or someone misinterpreting the intention behind my words. But given the circumstances surrounding George Floyd and the countless other racist acts of oppression, I’ve come to realize that keeping my thoughts to myself does nothing to help solve the problem at hand. Staying silent with the view of being “not racist” does a whole lot less than using my voice to confront injustice and be actively anti-racist even when it feels uncomfortable because I’m coming to understand that what I view as uncomfortable to me is minuscule compared to what other groups are facing. There's a big difference between being speechless and being voiceless, and I know what choice I'm making! While I know this will be an adjustment, it is a worthwhile one. It is my hope that everyone is spending a bit of time educating themselves on how to be better and better serve people of color. Just saying these things won’t make a change, but actions will, and I’ll continue to do my best to educate myself on how to be an ally. 

Last week was quiet on the blog front since I was incredibly busy at work and was feeling a bit uninspired. I hate when that is the case, but sometimes you just have to call it what it is. A lot of posts I’m used to doing feel insincere given what’s going on currently (read above), so I tapped out and am hopeful to be back in full force today. Personally, the week was a good one with the weekend being the first one in a while that felt like they did pre-quarantine. 

Since Monday was Memorial Day and I already shared what I was up to here, let’s skip straight to Tuesday. I woke up to it pouring outside and was feeling especially thankful that I was working from home this day. I went to the office around midday to check to see what all had arrived for the big shoot I had on Thursday. I spent a bit of time opening all of those boxes and figuring out my plan of attack before running to the grocery store and heading home to continue getting work done. My roommate was still at the beach, so the house was very quiet, and I definitely missed having a work from home buddy. That night I went to a friend’s house, and we picked up Taco Mama and hung out.

I knew Wednesday was going to feel like a full day since I had a lot to get done before Thursday’s shoot. I documented most of the prep work I was doing on my Instagram stories, so if you don’t already follow me, I’m going to try to be better about sharing things there. I went from Trader Joe’s to get flowers to the office and then to another flower shop before coming home to arrange everything. I went back to the office in the afternoon with my flowers in tow to pack up all of my props to be ready to go early the next morning. I ended my day wrapping fake presents and steaming things while eating my dinner. The rain finally stopped, and I realized I hadn’t done anything active the past couple of days, so I went on a late walk around the golf course before showering and calling it a night.

I was up early on Thursday only to discover that it was raining, which sort of messed with my shoot plans for the day. Since we aren’t going to people’s houses for some of our bigger shoots that usually happen on location, we were set to improvise on this one and shoot outside of our office to make it look like a golf course in the background. Because of the rain, we shot the story on the terrace outside of our office, which meant there was a lot of stuff that had to be placed and re-placed to get it all right. Ultimately, I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out and was beyond thrilled that most of the stuff I had ordered for the shoot came in on time! We finished around 4:00, and I took all of my bins back to my desk but was so ready to go home and shower (it was humid and gross outside and felt even worse while wearing a mask) that I didn’t start unpacking the bins. Once I got home, I showered and relaxed for a while before making myself dinner and reading on the couch. I’m pretty sure I was asleep before 9:30 too.

Friday felt like a recovery day, and it was nice to be able to get computer work done. I had a video meeting mid-morning for a shoot happening this week and was able to get most of the worksheet I needed to make for that completed. After a little bit more work, it was noon and officially the weekend! I made myself lunch and listened to some podcasts in the afternoon before playing tennis with a friend. We picked up some chips, salsa, and queso on our way home since later that night, a group of us was going to hang outside at another one of our friend’s houses. What was supposed to be a happy hour turned into everyone staying from 6:15 until 12:00 ending the evening with about 2 hours worth of karaoke sung in the living room using one of the best gifts I’ve ever given (those are my roommate’s words, not mine). Everyone was pretty tired by that point, so we walked home and went to bed. 


I think Saturday was the most normal day I’ve had in a really long time. A friend and I decided to go to breakfast and were planning to go to Waffle House, but it was packed, and we ended up at Big, Bad, Breakfast in Homewood. Seating was pretty limited, so we were lucky to end up with a table. After that, we played Scrabble and watched Jeopardy before I watched the space launch that was set to have happened on Wednesday. Later in the afternoon, a group of us went to Avondale Brewing Company to enjoy the beautiful weather and fact that things are slowly reopening (with constraints, of course). All of the tables were spread apart, and fewer people were allowed in, but we were lucky enough to snag a table in the shade and stayed there from 4:00 to 7:30. Luckily they had food trucks out, so we were able to grab dinner while there too. The rest of the evening was pretty low key, and I think I went to bed by 10:00. 

I spent Sunday doing what felt like a whole lot of nothing, which was relaxing but I felt kind of lazy, so in the afternoon I went for a long walk and talked on the phone with my grandparents, parents, and Nell. I quickly ate dinner and showered before going with a group of friends to our friend's house to watch Troll 2 at the suggestion of my friend Mary. The movie was terrible (which was the point), but it was fun to have some plans and still be home by 8:30. When my roommate and I arrived home, we realized she forgot her keys and that we were locked out of our house. When our landlord didn’t initially answer, we had called another friend to see if he could pick the lock, but luckily our landlord called back and came to let us in with his spare keys. We got a good laugh out of it and were glad there was no need to break a window to let ourselves in. 

I hope to see y’all here with a consistent number of posts this week! 

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