Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Step Into My Week 6.9

I keep putting off writing and publishing this post since I don’t want to jump back into “normal” posting without acknowledging all that has been going on in the United States. I took a break from posting both on the blog and social media in an attempt to take in all of the information being shared while also allowing myself time to process what I was learning. I’m the type of person who takes a while to process things and ultimately make decisions, so it’s not surprising to me that my processing of the injustice in our country and beyond has taken some time. I recognize that my blog has always been more frivolous than what is portrayed on the news, and in many ways, that’s very intentional. Much like everyone has their own escapes, often this blog is mine. While I’ll eventually share what I’m learning and ways in which I’m discovering how to do my part against racial injustice, I’m still processing and learning myself, so I’m not ready to share just yet. For now, I’m sharing a recap of my last week, and while it certainly doesn’t include the time spent reading articles and watching the news, please know that it most certainly was there. 


On Monday, I went into the office to get things situated for the shoot I had the following day. The most exciting part about heading in (aside from being able to not work from home) was that I got to wear my new Mi Golondrina face mask. We are required to wear masks in the office, and my previous fabric one was much thicker and, therefore, hot. This one is thinner and so much cuter! I had left the office in time to go to my first true40 class back in the studio, but that was canceled due to a curfew in place in Birmingham that lasted until yesterday. I opted to go for a run instead, and once I got back, showered, and watched Clueless with my roommate before bed. 

Tuesday was a shoot day, which lasted until around 3:00, meaning that I didn’t do much else aside from that. I was able to get a few emails sent, and a couple of products ordered in for upcoming shoots but went home afterward. A few friends came over that afternoon for a happy hour on our back deck but left early to make it home in time for the curfew. I made some dinner, and my roommate and I sat down to watch Just Mercy, which is streaming free on Amazon Prime for the month of June. It was very hard to watch but so so good, and I’m embarrassed to say that despite my connections to two of the places mentioned, it was the first I had heard of the case covered. 

I started my Wednesday with my first class back at true40, which felt needed. I knew as soon as I walked out the doors that I would be sore, but it’s clear they are doing their best to allow customers to come in smaller numbers to get a great workout in. I worked from home the rest of the day and went to the store around 6:00 to get stuff to make dinner with a friend. We made a recipe out of my Skinnytaste cookbook that had shrimp and broccoli and tasted delicious. It’s definitely one I will be adding into my rotation, especially since Publix makes it so easy to cook shrimp given that they offer them shelled and de-veined. After that, I had bible study and then went to bed.

I jumpstarted my Thursday with another true40 workout and got clean and dressed to stop by Bromberg’s to borrow a few props before heading into the office. I had a shoot the following Monday that I wanted to get ahead on and was glad to be able to do that. The rest of the afternoon, I worked from home and was really productive. I went to a friend’s house for dinner that night and then had a zoom birthday party for two of my friends. 

dress // earrings // sandals // watch // ring // phone case 

Since I was planning to work from home on Friday, I went for a run before the two video meetings I had. I was able to get a lot done before the workday was done at noon. After that, I showered, made lunch, and ran some errands to prepare for my roommate’s birthday party at our house that evening. We were planning to be on the deck the whole night, but the rain had other plans, so we ended up moving into our basement instead. There was pizza, cake, and karaoke, and it ended up being a lot of fun. 

I didn’t really do much on Saturday until going to brunch at Ruby Sunshine in Homewood. I went into a couple of stores with a friend after that and later made my way to Trader Joe’s to get flowers for my photoshoot on Monday. I spent my afternoon hanging out before eventually getting ready for dinner that night at the Birmingham Country Club with a friend and their family. We got drinks afterward and probably left around 8:30, and it wasn’t too long after that that I went to sleep. 


Thanks to an early bedtime on Saturday night, I woke up earlier than usual on Sunday. I met up with a friend to go get donuts from Hero Donuts in Homewood, and we ended up playing close to ten games of Monopoly Deal, which quickly became my new favorite game. After that, I came back home and ate lunch before going on a long walk with Nell. We went to Doodles in Cahaba Heights to get snowcones, and then I talked on the phone with my parents for a bit before heading to a friend’s house for a cookout. We had burgers outside before going in to watch School of Rock. After that, Nell, Rebecca, and I enjoyed our favorite cake from Greenville, SC, that Nell picked up while she was in town. I then showered, got in bed, and read to wrap up an eventful week and weekend. 

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