Monday, June 22, 2020

Step Into My Week 6.22

I am very happy for a fresh start this week after last week was a bit of a doozy for me. I know many people really dislike Mondays (and I see where they are coming from), but I like having a fresh start and knowing I’ve got a lot of time to get my to-do list tackled. I woke up energized this morning with just that mentality! 

My past week started with a photoshoot on Monday, which meant grabbing some flowers on the way into the office. As I mentioned briefly in my last Step Into My Week post, I had a bit of a spill at the lake due to passing out (which was more than likely caused by a drop in my blood sugar which happens on occasion) and then hitting my head getting into the boat later in the day. I felt fine most of Monday morning, aside from being really tired, which was good since I was able to get my shoot done without any issues. I started feeling worse in the afternoon, which pretty much continued the rest of the week. Tuesday, I didn’t have a shoot, so I worked from home and then Wednesday when I was still not feeling great (symptoms likely related to the combination of passing out and potentially having a concussion, not COVID) I went to urgent care and got some blood work done. The shoot I was supposed to do on Thursday got rescheduled, and I was able to take my second sick day in nearly two years of working with my company to rest and recover. My appetite was finally coming back, and I felt more normal by that afternoon, which was such a relief after feeling washed out the rest of the week. I ate dinner with a friend that night, and we watched The Sound of Music before I eventually went to bed.


Friday morning, I was feeling much better, which was good timing as I had another shoot that day. We were able to get the cover shot we needed by around 1:00, and then I got a haircut before coming home. I made lunch, showered, and took a nap that afternoon. That evening my friends and I had plans to grab dinner at Taco Mama with drinks afterward on the outdoor part of the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Mountain Brook. It was nice to see them and catch up before many of their clinical rotations start back this week. I think I was back home and asleep before 10:30 that night! 

On Saturday I had plans to go to the zoo with a friend now that it has opened back up. The indoor exhibits were closed, but it was nice to explore the outdoor areas and see the animals since I had never been there. We were there for about an hour and a half before deciding to grab lunch and eat outside in Homewood. We hung out watching Jeopardy most of the afternoon before getting ready to head to my friend Macy’s housewarming/birthday gathering. We sat out on her screened porch eating burgers and cake bites before heading home for the night. 

I took it very easy on Sunday, sleeping in and then working on blog posts in bed. I was able to make it to Trader Joe’s in between rain showers, and Nell came to my house, later on, to play Monopoly Deal since it didn’t seem like our walk was going to get to happen with all the rain. That evening I went to dinner with a friend’s family and then watched Blades of Glory with a few friends as part of our summer Sunday night movie night tradition. 

I hope that y’all had a nice week and are looking forward to the work week ahead! 

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