Monday, June 29, 2020

Step Into My Week 6.29

This week has already started off strong, accomplishing a lot of items on my to-do list that it took until I sat down to eat lunch for me to finally write today’s post. I’ve found that these posts continue to be harder to write than usual because of the lack of routine that comes with splitting my time working from home and going into the office. Sometimes it is hard to keep it all straight regarding what I’ve been up to. But as per usual, I will do my best to fill y’all in! 

On Monday morning, I went to a true40 class before work. After showering, I worked from home for a bit before running several errands for the lifestyle shoot I had planned for the week. The shoot was initially supposed to take place on Wednesday but moved to Thursday, which gave me some additional time to prepare. After running those errands, I was at the office gathering supplies and making sure I had what I needed. I finished my work from home that afternoon, which ended up being nice since we had lots of thunderstorms in the afternoon this week. Once the workday was over, my roommate and I both made dinner and sat down on the couch to watch a movie.

On Tuesday, I went and got flowers for the shoot and was back in the office for a while preparing. I left a little after lunch and worked from home in the afternoon. Once I had finished that, Nell and I went on a walk, and that evening I made dinner with a friend and watched The 100. I started my Wednesday morning with another true40 class before coming home to arrange flowers for the next day’s shoot. I spent my afternoon at the office doing some final prep work before heading back for the day. That evening I read for a while before our weekly bible study. 

Thursday was the day of the shoot, and I was lucky to be under a balcony since it rained off and on most of the day. It went well, and I was excited about the finished product and was thrilled to hear that the editor of the magazine it was for was as well. I came home and took a much-needed shower thanks to how humid and hot it was outside all day and then did some laundry and made dinner. I had plans to head out of town for a wedding over the weekend, so I packed as well before going to bed early to read.


I went to another early true40 class on Friday before showering and working from home all morning. I was given a plus one to the wedding and brought a friend who also went to Furman along, which made it especially fun to be heading to Greenville, SC, where Furman is located. Because Greenville (along with a lot of the south) has had an uptick in Covid19 cases, we were a little hesitant and overly cautious while in town. Our drive there took about two hours longer than it should have thanks to traffic, but we made it with enough time to change and make it on time to our dinner reservations at Jianna’s. We sat on the second-floor balcony outside, which gave us a nice view of Falls Park. Once we finished dinner, we met Sophia and her husband for drinks on the patio at Foxcroft. After leaving drinks, we grabbed ice cream from a local favorite called Spill the Beans before calling it a night. 

It was so overcast when we left to grab breakfast at Sully’s Steamers on Saturday. We took our bagels to go and were hoping to walk around Furman’s campus, but unfortunately, it was closed to the public. Instead, we wandered through the farmer’s market in downtown Greenville, and I have to say that with all the precautions in place for social distancing I was able to enjoy it so much more than normal given that things were spread out and everyone had to walk on the “proper” side of the road. When people zig-zag across the farmer’s market, it used to stress me out and make it less fun, so even with masks on and no samples, I’ll count it as a win! We then went to a new outdoor space built from shipping containers to meet Sophia and Judson for snacks and drinks. If you’re in Greenville, I can’t recommend Gather GVL enough, and I wish I could open something of a similar concept in Birmingham as I know it would do so well. We stayed there for close to three hours before eventually getting ready for the wedding. We arrived at the wedding location and were given additional masks to wear (giving the ones we had been wearing a break). The ceremony was small but beautifully done, and the reception was in the same location, which was convenient. Most people wore masks the entire time, aside from when eating, drinking, and taking a few pictures. We left around 9:15 before the bride and grooms’ departure and walked to Spill the Beans again for ice cream.

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Sunday morning, we packed up and grabbed breakfast again at Sully’s Steamers before hitting the road back to Birmingham. Our return trip was so much shorter with no traffic, which felt like a win! Once I arrived home, I unpacked, showered, and took an hour-long nap. In the afternoon, I talked on the phone with my parents, ate dinner, and watched a movie with my roommate before getting in bed early to finish my book. 

This week is shaping up to be a bit different than I initially expected since my parents made the call to put off going to our family’s beach house for the long weekend since my grandparents would also be in attendance. While I’m bummed about the change in plans, I think it’s the right thing to do as case numbers in the south continue to increase. I hope that we may be able to do a socially distant beach weekend with them at some point this summer since they have two houses next door to one another. Instead, I’ll likely be staying put in Birmingham trying to come up with some way to make the holiday festive here! I hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy as we continue to navigate all the unknowns to come this year. 

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