Tuesday, February 6, 2018

5 Activities To Help You Enjoy The Winter

I know I mentioned this in yesterday's post, but February has never been my favorite month. By the time February rolls around I am pretty much over winter. Ever since freshman year of college, February seemed to drag on (despite being the shortest month). I will blame that on the fact that in high school we had Mardi Gras break and were typically out of school for a week in February. I'd take that back right about now. Fortunately, I have a few things to look forward to this month so I am hoping to make the most of it. In case any of y'all are like me and tend to give February a bad rap due to the temperature I thought you may like these 5 activities that help me to better enjoy what I hope to be the last taste of Winter. 

1. Try A New Recipe

If I am going to be stuck inside due to the weather I may as well embrace some indoor activities. One of my favorite stress relievers used to be baking. It seemed like nearly every Sunday at home in high school I would be trying out a new recipe. While it's probably for the best that that habit didn't continue into college and now post grad, sometimes it is fun to whip up something homemade. The winter blues can be very real and it tends to be one of those times of year that I get homesick so a warm tasty treat really can't be beat. If you're looking for a delicious recipe, I loved these browned butter blondies

2. Organize an Area

While this may not be the most fun activity for those of you that don't enjoy organizing, I personally find tidying up super relaxing. There is something about a clean space that is hard to beat. With more time indoors it's easy to make time to organize small spaces over time. Some of the best places to start where you'll feel like there's a noticeable change are on your desk and in your closet. It's amazing what a few minutes straightening up can do! And even if you don't love the process my guess is that you'll appreciate the results. 

3. Go Outside

In South Carolina it isn't that often that we get a decent amount of snow. Because of this, it is much easier to embrace the snow and cold weather when it does come our way. Call me a child but I love to play in the snow. I was so glad that my roommate Ellison wanted to go sledding when we had a bunch of snow in January since it would have been a bit odd to go by myself. Although we only played in it for about an hour we came back inside grinning and felt as though we actually enjoyed our snow day in a way other than watching TV.

4. Grab a Cup of Coffee and Hop Back in Bed

I really am not sure if there is any place more inviting than my warm bed and a cup of coffee in the Winter. While that can be all too tempting on weekday mornings, it is something I try to give myself the chance to embrace on cold Winter weekend mornings. Whether I'm on my computer or reading a book at this time it is so nice to be all snuggled up. I try my best not to feel guilty for getting back in bed. Slow mornings are hard to beat in general, but when the temperature drops it is that much more enticing. 

5. Embrace the Cold and Bundle Up

While I can't say that I enjoy this all the time, sometimes it is fun to throw on layers and bundle up to face the weather. Sadly hats with pom poms aren't fair game year round. Turning layering your clothes into a fun activity instead of a chore tends to make the weather more bearable when I eventually go out in it. When Sophia and I were in Athens in December we tried our best to embrace the weather while bundled up and I definitely think we succeeded. Sometimes all it takes is a change in attitude in order to make something seem more fun! 

While I know my Winter is very mild compared to some I'd love to know if any of these tips work for you. If not be sure to share your favorite ways to embrace the cold below. I have a feeling I may need them as February progresses. 

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