Monday, February 19, 2018

Step Into My Week

Happy President's Day. I hope that many of you are celebrating with the day off! I am flying back to Greenville this morning after the best long weekend at home. Plenty of sleep, relaxing, and playing with our puppy, Scout, were just what I needed. I am heading back to Greenville knowing that this week will be a bit stressful with part of a project due on Friday, but fortunately with today off, it's a short week!

This school week was tough with student behavior and no voice starting on Monday. Yesterday was the first day I finally had what sounded like my normal voice back so I sure do hope that I don't suddenly lose it again on my way back. I had class on Monday night which didn't help me to get to bed early. Fortunately, after teaching on Tuesday I was able to come home at a relatively normal time and pack to head home the following day. I put everything I needed in a carry on despite wanting to use my monogrammed Mark and Graham suitcase that I got for Christmas. Practicality won out since there was no need to check a bag for such a short trip. After getting everything in order to head out of town, my roommates and I watched the Olympics before I went to bed pretty early.

I'm sure I can't be the only one who feels like they always have a lot to do in the morning before they head out of town. Because of that, I woke up early on Wednesday and made sure I was all set to leave. I still had no voice which wasn't exactly ideal with the Valentine's day party we had that afternoon and all of the excitement the students had for the schools fundraiser fun run event the following day. Our Valentine's day party went relatively well and come 3:00 I was out the door on the way to the airport. The security line at GSP was slow moving but I made it onto my flight without any issue. With about an hour in Atlanta, I grabbed oatmeal and a coffee before boarding that flight and getting in around 7:20 Alabama time. My parents picked me up from the airport and we stopped for a delightful Valentine's Day dinner at Chickfila on our way home. I got to see Scout, the puppy our family got after Christmas, when I arrived home and boy had she gotten bigger. She's a solid 9 pounds now whereas she was about 4 pounds when I left in January.

Thursday morning I woke up before my mom went to work and had a slow morning with Scout before a dentist appointment. I came back and had lunch at home before heading to a local coffee shop to attempt to get some work done. That afternoon, Scout and I walked along the bay for a little while before coming home. Nell joined my family for dinner before we caught up over ice-cream at one of my favorite ice cream shops in Fairhope (if you haven't seen my guide to Fairhope, AL definitely check it out). She left later that evening and I went to bed pretty early.

Friday I slept in some before spending a decent bit of the morning trying to work on my LinkedIn. LinkedIn has quickly become one of my favorite types of social media. Lame, I know, but I'm ok with that. After trying to get things accomplished Scout and I went on an even longer walk along the bay that afternoon. We were probably gone for about and hour and a half before coming home and enjoying Friday afternoon/night with the family. My mom was sure to make some of my favorite meals while I've been home and I''m not quite ready to go back to cooking for myself since I don't do as well as she does.

Saturday we had a slow morning before heading to an RV show. Back when my brother and I traveled competitively for soccer on the weekends we had considered getting an RV. Although that isn't the case anymore, we decided that would be a fun activity. We went in a bunch of RVs which was entertaining. It really is amazing to see what all they can put into these vehicles. On our way home we stopped for lunch on the bay. When we got home I finished the book I had been reading, Behind Closed Doors (more on that below), before hanging out the rest of that afternoon.

Yesterday my grandparents came to town to join us for lunch. We sat outside for a while with Scout to enjoy the weather before sitting down for lunch. After they left I went to attempt to do a bit of school work to ease my workload once I got back to Greenville (update: was not that successful) before taking Scout on another big walk by the bay. I packed up in the afternoon, got clean, and hung out with my parents before thinking about going to bed in order to wake up early for my flight this morning.

Do y'all feel like y'all were there? I certainly did more this week than most it seems like. I'm hoping that with a lot to do this week, I'll be super focused and get it done so that I can enjoy the upcoming weekend. For a closer look at what I've been up to  I'm including some other favorites below! 


Reading: Behind Closed Doors
Holy cow y'all. I started this book on my flight home on Wednesday and by the time I had gotten off of my second flight I had read about 130 pages. I finished the rest of the book on Saturday afternoon. This was one of the most twisted of psychological thrillers that I've read. It was definitely a page turner and addictive in that sense. 

It's about a seemingly perfect couple in England whose lives seem too put together to be true. Curiosity builds as the couples friends begin to realize that Grace, the wife, is only ever seen with her husband. The house has huge steel shutters but is the most inviting place for dinner parties. The story is told with chapters that go back and forth from present and past. At first I wasn't sure if I'd love this set up, but it ended up telling the story really well. If you've never read a thriller like this then I may not recommend you start with this one, but if you already love this genreI'd highly recommend this book. Know that it is pretty twisted though! 

Watching: n/a
When I am able to come home for a break I tend to take a break from TV (aside from watching whatever my parents are watching at night) and my computer. Because of this, I haven't really been watching much. My roommates and I have been watching some of the Winter Olympic coverage at night. 

Loving: Being at Home
This short break was much needed. I've never been a huge fan of February and the thought of going from January to April without a break at home seemed intimidating. With Friday and Monday off and the ability to take a personal day on Thursday (although it kind of turned out to be a sick day) this past weekend was the perfect opportunity to head home. There's something about waking up in my room, hanging out with my parents, and being back in my hometown that instantly relaxes me. I find it much harder to get work done when in town which means that coming home has started to feel like its own little vacation. 
It has been in the seventies since I got home on Wednesday. It has been so nice and a nice change in the grey weather we had been having in Greenville. With such warm weather, I am especially glad to have thought to pack two pairs of my favorite Lululemon shorts. Honestly, I should have traded the pairs of leggings I packed for extra pairs of these instead. If you've never tried Lululemon's shorts the Tracker Shorts are my favorite. I also really like the Hotty Hot Shorts but I have to order the long version in those. 

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