Monday, February 26, 2018

Step Into My Week

I’m back! Sorry for being so MIA last week. With a big assignment due yesterday and no intention to work on it while I was at home with my family I had a lot to work on this past week. I was hoping to be able to get a few posts up but ultimately realized the project was taking me more time than I thought. Fortunately, it’s submitted and I am feeling slightly less overwhelmed. For being a short week with President’s Day off, the week still felt pretty long with all of that to tackle on top of regular teaching responsibilities. To make it up, I’m hoping to have five posts live for y’all this week.

Getting back into a routine after being out of town wasn’t too terrible although I am already missing slow mornings with coffee outside with Scout. (I also forgot to take pictures of my teaching outfits, but I’ll make that a priority this week). Fortunately, I’ll be heading home for Spring Break and will get a taste of that for a whole week come April. Last Monday I woke up bright and early to go to the airport and fly back to Greenville since we had President’s Day off. I got back around noon and forced myself to unpack immediately before making something to eat and heading to Starbucks to start the annotated bibliography project that was due yesterday. The Starbucks workers saw a lot of me this past week since I am much more productive getting work done outside of my apartment. With the great weather we’ve been having this doesn’t take too much of a toll on my bank account since I can go back to ordering iced coffee instead of being tempted by a fancy hot drink. Fortunately, we didn’t have grad class due to the holiday so I was able to make some food to eat for the week.

The rest of the week it was back to school hitting the ground running trying to be productive in any spare moments. Most nights, you could find Ellison and I in the living room typing away with the Winter Olympics on in the background.  

Thursday night we decided to add some fun to our weeknight by celebrating National Margarita Day at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Cantina. We ended up being there from six until nine when we realized it was probably about time to give up our table in the nice weather outside and go to sleep. Friday was a bit stressful since when I arrived at school I found out that I was going to have a new student in my class. My students have had the biggest issue with getting along and it has made teaching more challenging as of late. I stayed late on Friday to rearrange the desks in order to see if that will help at all. Once I got home I convinced my roommates to go on a walk with me since it has been in the seventies and staying light out later. After we went for a walk and I made myself dinner it was back to Starbucks to continue to knock out some of my project.

Saturday morning, I stayed in bed for a while after keeping myself up coughing for about two hours. I have not felt 100% for a couple of weeks and am finally thinking I’m on the mend. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my voice comes back and my cough goes away. I went to Caviar and Bananas downtown and sat outside until I finally finished my fifteenth and final entry for the project. I rewarded myself that afternoon with a nap and a nice walk. Saturday night we had plans to go to two of our friend’s apartment before going to a dueling piano bar downtown. Nell called as I was getting ready so it was fun to catch up with her before seeing friends here in Greenville. One thing that I’ve been really loving lately are the girls I’ve gotten to know here in Greenville. We made it a priority to start expanding our group and getting to know girls outside of our major and each of the girls I’ve met have been so sweet. It’s fun to make connections with them and hear about what their college experience was like. It’s also nice that it gets us away from talking about teaching and grad school all the time since we fell into that habit a lot. A big group of us have officially joined a kickball league starting in April to continue to get to know other people our age in Greenville.

Sunday was spent getting some work done from home before being productive with some behind the scenes blogging stuff as well. Ellison and I went to Spill the Beans, an ice cream place, to continue to work with a view of Falls Park in the afternoon. I took a break to call my parents and walk around the park as well. 

Lastly, I want to apologize for the lack of photos in this post as well. My iPhone camera doesn't take the best photos so I often forget to pull it out and document what I'm up to. Hopefully next week I'll have more pictures from the week to share! 

I only have a couple of chapters left in 52 Cups of Coffee, and I fully expect to finish it this week. I’ve found myself dogearing a number of pages and learning a lot in each chapter. If you’re looking for a good, easy read that has life lessons built into it that are particularly applicable for anyone in college or recent graduates I’d recommend reading it.

The second book I’ve been reading was recommended by Nell here. I started it on the plane back to Greenville and am about 150 pages in. Even though I have a long way to go (it’s about the size of a Webster pocket dictionary) I’ve enjoyed reading it for a project for class. I kind of want to send it to my college counselor and one of my high school teachers since I think that they would find it particularly fascinating.

Watching: How To Get Away With Murder
Ellison and I realized that we had some ground to makeup in order to get back on track with the most recent episodes of How To Get Away With Murder. Admittedly, we kind of like binge watching a couple of episodes at a time instead of sitting down on Thursday nights and watching it. We’ve also been watching the Olympics in the background the past couple of weeks which has been a fun change of pace.

Loving: Plann
I’ve been using my iPad a lot more this year than I have in the past. It has always been handy but has been especially useful after discovering the app Plann. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have taken on the role as a social media manager for a boutique PR firm based out of St. Simons Island (follow along @lbhprco). When I first got started I spent time going through the Dropbox of client photos and picking things out to Instagram. I had trouble visualizing everything together which is how I discovered Plann. With the app you can arrange Instagram’s (aka plan them out, hence the name), save hashtags, and read about different best posting practices. If you have a blog or have been looking for something of the likes for your own business I’d definitely recommend it.
The weather has been so nice that it has me itching to wear anything but sweaters to work each day. Before breaking out all of my bright colored blouses too soon I’ve been gravitating towards this crisp white top. I have it in a fun black and white stripe as well and loved the silhouette so much that I quickly picked it up in white when it was released. It’s probably in my best interest that the blush pink is sold out in my size since I love that one as well.

I may not be wearing my bright tops yet but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been shopping for them. The pattern on this top would be so cute now with dark wash jeans and with white jeans as spring finally comes.

Quoting: "If you don't have time to do it right, what makes you think you'll have time to do it over?" - Seth Godin

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