Monday, October 30, 2017

Step Into My Week

Anyone else feel like the weekend went by way too fast? I think that will forever be my sentiment. It's hard not to wish for more time to do your own thing although this means we are getting one week closer to Thanksgiving (only 3 more Fridays). I have been counting down since that will be my first time home and back with my family since the beginning of August and to say that I'm ready would be an understatement.

I have a feeling that this week will be a crazy one with Halloween on Tuesday and a good ole sugar coma for the kids on Wednesday. If I've discovered anything with teaching so far it's that kids need structure and this October they really haven't gotten much of that. From our schools fall carnival to fall break and red ribbon week to Halloween I am so ready for it to be November and attempt to establish some sense of normalcy back in everyone's schedule. This is also my mindset coming from having my toughest week with the kids yet last week. There were a number of contributing factors but on Wednesday I was about ready to throw in the towel. Friday ended on a better note but I'll be the first to admit that teaching isn't easy and most of the time I don't feel fully cut out for it. I was explaining to Sophia on Saturday that right now I don't feel like I'm necessarily doing a "great job" in anything I'm doing and that has been hard for me. As a student I was always pushing myself to commit to everything fully and right now with blogging and teaching I feel like I'm just doing an average job. While average isn't bad so to speak I have aspirations to do so much more with each but don't have the time to do it. Not having time is something that I feel like all of my friends who are also first year teachers totally get. I did leave on Friday feeling prepared for the week to come which was reassuring but there is always work to be done. Fortunately, I took some time away from teaching this weekend which felt especially refreshing. 

Furman shirt (from Furman's bookstore) // jeans // hunter boots // watch band // watch

dress // vest // booties // hoops // watch band // watch

top (one of the best tops I've purchased this season) // vest // jeans // boots // watch band // watch

Friday we had a school t-shirt day for Red Ribbon Week so I didn't end up taking a picture of my outfit that day.

Friday night I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that I don't go to very often and then to a rooftop bar. Typically Friday nights are reserved for doing absolutely nothing and instead recovering from the week so it was nice to have some energy left to spend to kick off the weekend. I came back to my apartment and immediately put on my pajamas and crawled into bed to watch Stranger Things. I feel like I don't remember enough of what happened in the previous season to jump straight into season 2 so I'm re-watching the first one before I get into that. I made it through maybe 20 minutes of one episode before falling asleep.

Saturday was a cold and sort of gloomy day in Greenville which was exactly what I needed (and a lot different than last Saturday). I slept in and had a slow morning with Starbucks coffee in hand. Last week I started a really great devotional that I purchased on whim when buying an advent devotional and if you have $12 to spare I can't recommend it enough. I typically do it at night before I go to bed but instead decided to kick off my Saturday with it. I tidied up around the apartment and eventually would up at a new-to-me coffee shop with Sophia. Since I was able to finish a lot of my work for the week on Friday I was able to sit down and plan out blog content I'd like to post in the month to come. The ideas kept flowing so I am hoping I'll have enough time to get to all of them. I got back to my apartment around 5:30 and was starving so I made dinner and showered before watching more of Stranger Things. Nell called and we talked for a while before I eventually went to sleep. It was the perfect way to spend a rainy night.

Sunday I slept in a little bit and woke up to it being 46 degrees outside! The weather seems to be hovering on either extreme lately but I'll take could over hot considering it's nearly November. I went to the grocery store, did laundry, and got some work done before going to grab a bite to eat at Tandem. Yesterday afternoon I caught up with my family on the phone (aka nearly froze to death while doing this on a walk, hello cold snap) and attempted to work more in the afternoon. My roommates and I went over to our friends apartment for a bit to play Scattergories before fully admitting to the fact that the next day is Monday. Sunday nights are definitely hard and I know this week will come with its fair share of challenges, but hopefully I can keep in mind that I'll be home for Thanksgiving in 23 days! 

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