Saturday, February 25, 2023

Saturday Shopping vol. 90

 After an eventful weekend last week we are overall taking it somewhat easy today and tomorrow. We came down to Hunter's family's lake house at Lake Martin to join his brother for a 5k taking place here this morning. It was misty and muddy but we all felt good about our runs and now have the entire day ahead of us. I look forward to cooking a yummy meal tonight, taking a bath (since I don't have a bath tub),  doing some online browsing during basketball games, and relaxing!

This past week in Birmingham we had some really warm days which are getting me eager for spring to come. I'm really looking forward to March and April since for the most part we don't have a ton of weekends booked up which isn't something we can say for most of the rest of the year. Thinking about spring is definitely evident when looking at the pieces I pulled for this week's Saturday shopping post. I need to go ahead and apologize for the price of the two dresses in the top left of the graphic but that pink one immediately stopped me in my tracks! In case you're interested in any of the items shown, I've included links to each of them beneath the image! 

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