Monday, February 13, 2023

Jennifer Sumko x Antonio Milani for Dillard's

 Fun fact about me: I love having something to look forward to! While it's fun on occasion for it to be something big like a trip, I'm equally as guilty as looking forward to getting under the covers at night or getting excited for my cup of coffee in the morning. After a busy weekend of socializing I am especially glad today to have had the launch of Jennifer Sumko's collection with Antonio Melani at Dillard's to look forward to. Even if I don't buy anything (despite having my eyes on quite a few things) the collection is sure to make this Monday a little bit brighter!

Seeing the way the Dillard's team has paired up with content creators over the past few years has been incredibly interesting to see. I recently listened to podcast episode interviewing AnneMarie Dillard of Dillard's discussing how they go about bringing these partnerships to life, which had me even more excited to see this newest collection. I was unfamiliar with Jennifer Sumko until recently, but I've loved following along with her on Instagram and checking out her website for updates regarding this launch. 

The patterns and styles offered in this collection feel vintage with modern elements woven in. From what I've seen teased on social media there are a lot of puff sleeve dresses and patterns used on multiple pieces hopefully giving everyone something to love! I've gathered some of my favorites in the image below and have shared links to each item at the end of this post. The entire collection can be found here. I'd love to know if you end up purchasing anything! 


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