Thursday, February 23, 2023

Home Find Favorites

 I've been having so much fun sharing my finds with you all again. Today I'm changing it up a bit by sharing some home decor and furniture finds that I thought were cute. Ever since switching jobs to a role in the furniture industry last April I've found myself even more interested in interiors and decorating. Because of that I suspect this isn't the last home find favorite round up you will be seeing from me! 

I can't wait to eventually decorate a home to fit my taste, but I am well aware of how expensive that can be and how much time it can take for a space to feel put together. For the most part the items I'm sharing come at a reasonable price point and work for someone furnishing their home or redecorating a specific room or area! Quite a few of these are filed away on my wish list when the time comes to decorate a house, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy browsing a few of my favorites. 

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