Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Nail Polish Favorites

If you asked my mom, the last thing she'd say I need more of is nail polish. She is convinced that I have all of the colors already and couldn't possibly need *another* pink. In a way she is right but any other nail polish lovers out there would probably agree that all of the different shades and colors that are released each season are ones you can't help but want to add to your collection. 

I've never really thought about it before but in a way you could definitely say I have my own little nail polish collection going. Maybe it's not the most practical collection but as far as collections go at least it is relatively affordable. I have so many nail polishes that each season I switch out which ones I have out in my room in the monogrammed holder I have. I think my favorite colors I own are my springing summer shades so I couldn't help but want to share those with you! 

As far as nail polish brands go I am pretty brand conscious. There is something about Essie's formula, colors, names, and bottle design that makes it my favorite. If anyone knows how to get a job as a nail polish namer you know who to call! I have included my favorites in the photo above and the ones below for you to see the various shades in case you're in the market for a new shade or two. 

I have listed them by row (front to back) and then left to right within each row. I think if I had to choose an all time favorite color it would have to be Essie's Fiji. It is the perfect light pink color and I just had to get a new bottle for Easter to replace my almost empty one. I am pretty sure it is the only nail polish color I've ever had to replace due to using it up instead of losing it. 

play date // under where // cascade cool // go ginza
come here! // cute as a button // status symbol // bachelorette bash
absolutely shore // boxer shorts // bikini so teeny // virgin snow 

So there you have it, my favorite nail polish colors for the season! I'd love to hear which are your all time favorite nail polish colors! 


  1. You have the cutest nail polish colours! I really like the shade of Fiji as well. If I wore polish more often, I'd get it too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Can I ask where your nail polish holder is from?

  3. Essie is my favorite brand too! I just got the color Hi Maintenance for Easter, and I love it!

    xo, brooke

  4. I love all the pink/purple shades. They're so chic for the spring!

  5. This was so helpful, I have been looking to purchase new nail polishes and these are all my favorite colors!

    Pink Einstein

  6. Bachelorette Bash is one of my favorites as well!

    xoxo, SS

  7. These colors are all cute >.< Thank you for these suggestions ^^
    instagram online


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