Saturday, April 15, 2017

What to Wear to Graduation Parties featuring Lilly Pulitzer

Earlier this week I vented to y’all about the struggle of picking out a dress for my college graduation. While I’ve made little progress I did share two very cute options here. Fortunately, it is a whole lot easier to dress for graduation parties than it is to dress for the actual event. In the same way that I shared a couple of looks from my time at Pink Sorbet last weekend in that post I am going to be sharing a bit of graduation party attire inspiration in today’s post as well. I hope that this will help you to figure out what may be best to wear to different types of events when the invitation may not specify the best outfit option. We are moving from a casual look to one that is a bit of an in between to a dress that works for those more sophisticated soirees. For the most part though, these ideas should work for a variety of events and none of them are too over the top. So, if you do happen to be heading to a nicer graduation party you may want to look for something a little dressier but since those are less common then these may just be your best bet.

It seemed like every girl in my graduating class in high school had her own individual graduation party and while that was a blast I felt like I constantly had to look cute. My biggest suggestion when it comes to shopping for clothes to wear to more casual graduation parties is to purchase pieces that you can pair with a number of different things. This white off the shoulder top for instance could easily be a staple in your closet paired with colored jeans, jean shorts, or even tucked into a skirt. No one has to know that it is the same thing you wore last week especially since you’re finding a variety of ways to wear it. For this look I paired it with the most comfortable pair of Lilly ruffle hem shorts. While these aren’t discrete when it comes to re-wearing them they make a statement and will become a go-to all summer long!

In Between
This two piece set is a bit different than my typical outfit picks but is equally as versatile as the off the shoulder top I picked for the more casual look. Because this set involves a skirt you won’t look overdressed at the most casual of parties but will also fit right in at those graduation parties that ended up being slightly dressier than the invite made it seem. You could easily wear these pieces separately to create an entirely different look if you weren’t feeling the matchy-matchy nature of an outfit set. Since I am less likely to wear a crop top I would pair this top with a cute pair of high waisted white shorts (I own and love this pair) and pair the skirt with a tucked in blouse or even the off the shoulder top in the last look.

Originally when I picked up this dress I expected it to be cute but was blown away by how flattering this style was on. The colors and print are so cute but as a sucker for a drop waist, peplum hem dress this was immediately added to the top of my wishlist. While it isn’t overly dressy, that makes it perfect for a variety of occasions. The sleeveless style will be perfect all summer long and paired with sandals or wedges it is the perfect piece for the nicer graduation parties you may be attending. My graduation party was Lilly themed and if I were to do the same sort of party now as I prepare to graduate college this dress would be more than likely what I’d wear.

I hope this helps any of you who may be shopping for graduation party attire! I’d love to hear from y’all.

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  1. These outfits are all so cute, Dorothy! I'm graduating from high school this spring so I love the first look for party hopping and the last look for hosting a party!



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