Friday, April 14, 2017

School Morning Routine

With graduation on the horizon I suddenly came to terms with the idea that a school morning routine style post had an expiration date. Kind of crazy to think about since I’ve been going to school for so long and suddenly will be finished with my undergraduate education before I know it. Fear not though since I’ll be starting grad school this summer but I just don’t feel like that’s necessarily the same. So with the knowledge that it will be summer before I know it and I’ll be entering into a new chapter I am excited to be sharing a glimpse at what mornings are like for me as I wake up and head off to student teach. The photos for this post were taken this week though since when I am waking up between 5:00 and 5:15 the sunlight isn’t exactly streaming through my windows but aside from that, this is as authentic as it gets.

pajamas // phone case // room tour

Wake Up

I typically wake up between 5:00 and 5:15 in the morning. Some days I’ll let myself sleep in a bit later but I really enjoy mornings and getting stuff done in the morning that sleeping in a bit later doesn’t allow me that time. An alarm going off that early isn’t all that typical for college students but fortunately two of my other roommates are also education majors so it makes waking up that early a little less scary.

Actually getting out of bed is never something I am particularly ecstatic for (as you can probably tell from my expression in these photos) but once I finally turn off the alarms on my phone and turn on the light I try to go ahead and get going with my day. To do that, I brush my teeth and wash my face. I used to never wash my face in the morning and sometimes it still feels like a chore but I really love how this face wash makes my skin feel so it makes the task slightly less daunting.

Get Ready

After brushing my teeth and washing my teeth it is time to start getting ready. I like to turn on music while I do this to make mornings a bit more fun and usually choose a premade Spotify playlist. After doing that I make my bed to get my room ready for the day before focusing on myself. With the number of pillows I keep on my bed it usually takes a minute or two to properly make it but it gives me a weird sense of accomplishment so I do my best not to skip doing this.

deodorant // straightener // lotion // face wash

Now it is time to do my hair. I like to shower at night (let me know if you’d like to see a nighttime version of this post) so I don’t have to worry about that in the morning and I dry my hair at night to try to make it slightly less unruly in the morning. My hair is naturally wavy although when I blowdry it it straightens out a bit. I still like to spend a little time each morning straightening it since that helps it to look shinier and makes it easier to deal with throughout the day. I used to splurge on straighteners but after those dying on me I resorted to one I purchased from Walmart and it has been doing the job for well over a year now.

cheek palette // makeup bag // blush // bb cream // bare minerals powder // concealer // eyeliner // mascara 1 // mascara 2 // mascara 3 

After doing my hair I move from my bathroom into my bedroom to sit at my desk to do my makeup. The photo I included of makeup isn’t what I wear every day but instead includes some of my favorite makeup products. I typically opt for some mascara, BB cream and concealer, a little bit of bronzer, and some blush. I went ahead and showed you all of my favorites though since that would give you a better idea of some of my all time favorites in case you’re on the hunt!  

water bottle // lunch box (Tory Burch for Target) 

Pack Lunch

After getting myself ready it is time to pack my lunch. This is one task that I won’t exactly miss this summer as I am not the most creative when it comes to what I pack. I also choose to pack my lunch prior to getting dressed to stay in my pajamas for as long as possible although if an adult were to ask me why I would responsibly say to avoid getting anything on my “work” clothes. I pack a wrap pretty much everyday for lunch and am pretty proud of myself for the combination I came up with. I take a whole grain tortilla and put some of my favorite hummus on the center of it before placing spinach, turkey, and some chopped up avocado in it prior to rolling it all together. Along with that I’ll put in a granola bar, some Pirates Booty, some almonds or other kind of nuts, and any other good sounding lunch box treat I can come up with. I also like to take some hummus and nut thins to snack on as well and if I’m feeling especially creative will throw a Naked Juice into my lunch box as well. I also take this time to fill up my water bottle and set it next to my lunch box so that I don’t forget it.

dress // outfit post in dress

Get Dressed

Next up it is time to actually put on clothes that would be acceptable to wear out of the apartment. On Sundays I try to put together some outfits to wear during the week so getting dressed in the morning isn’t quite as challenging. This is something I would highly recommend as it saves me time and helps me to be more creative with the clothes I pick out since I am doing it at night when I am much more awake.

tote // planner 

I also take this time to go ahead and pack up my tote bag for the day. I put my lesson plan binder, planner, pencil pouch, laptop and anything else I may need in there so that I am ready to go for the rest of the day. I also put any chargers I may need in here as well. Usually after doing this I have 15 or 20 minutes before I leave at 6:25 to get some work or emails accomplished.

Make Breakfast

Last but not least, I am not ready to embark on my day until I’ve made breakfast. “Make” is kind of a strong word to use in this case since my breakfast is ready with the touch of a button. I rarely stray from a Kashi Waffle covered in peanut butter and some coffee in a to-go cup. I wait until right before I am going to leave to make these things so that I have something to look forward to during my 40 minute commute.

So, there you have it. My unconventional college morning routine for student teaching. I would love to hear if you’d be interested in seeing a night-time version of this post!


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