Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What I'm Reading Currently

I'm sorry I've been so behind with posts this week. The one thing on my to-do list that I was looking forward to this past weekend was writing blog posts and it is the one thing I kept putting off since I had other school related assignments to do. I am hoping to be better about having them all done the weekend before so that they will be ready to go up at 7 am for y'all each week day! I'll put an extra post up on Saturday to make up for it too! 

When thinking about all of this it kept bringing me back to the book I am reading currently. I have been so bad about taking time for myself in the past and staying up really late and with student teaching starting this week I knew that was something I needed to prioritize so I've been taking tim each night to read. I love a good self-help or motivational book and Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequest has been the perfect book to finish out my day with. 

I am a perfectionist in every way imaginable and find myself relating to every paragraph just a bit too much. The book is all about "leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living" which is exactly the reminder I need right now. I've spent a majority of this semester struggling with how I am going to get everything done and doing it perfectly which is unrealistic and also exhausting. 

I have already been trying to convince my friends that they have to read this and the chapters are short enough that you can easily read a couple each night to wind down without feeling like you are at a weird stopping point. 

I am hoping to continue this habit of reading before bed and sharing some good reads with y'all soon in a new series (featuring one of my favorite people) but I would also LOVE it if you would share some of your recommendations with me as well! Have any of y'all read Present Over Perfect?


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