Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Prep at Swoozies Event Photos

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve mentioned this before but I am really excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year since I will get to do so with my fourth grade class! Exchanging cards, celebrating with a party, and sending the kids home with way too much sugar in their systems seems festive enough to me.

I started the Valentine’s Day celebrations this past weekend with an event at Swoozies in Greenville. We had planned cookie decorating and card picking out and while with the late notice of the timing I didn’t get to meet a ton of readers, it was still a blast! Nell went along with me and we spent the afternoon perfecting our cookie decorating skills and trying to convince ourselves we didn’t need to buy everything in the store (because believe me, we could have).


The team at Swoozies was so sweet and we enjoyed entertaining some of the cute kiddos who walked in and were immediately drawn to the cookie table while their parents shopped. I’ve included a number of pictures from the event but completely forgot to get pictures in it at the event. I figured if we were celebrating Valentine’s Day I should look the part so I threw on a pair of red corduroys, a white peplum hem top with bows on the sleeves, and dark grey lace up flats.


If you need me today I’ll be trying to restrain myself from eating all of the candy and hoping that the kids don’t forget to bring me Valentine’s Day cards too!


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