Monday, March 7, 2016

Step Into My Week

Happy Monday! I feel like I can say this more genuinely since I'm officially on spring break and am beach bound! Last week felt like it lasted much longer than it should have but that is likely due to my excitement to head home on Friday after class. I had a test to kick the week off and felt myself getting a bit sick so took a solid 2 hours nap before working out that afternoon. The rest of the week was filled with smaller assignments, meetings, and packing up to finally come home. I am always so impressed with the number of people who can go on group spring break trips and come back to school energized (and tan) without feeling a bit of burnout. Because of that I actually prefer to come home and relax and attempt to take a break from all of my at school responsibilities. I am headed to our beach house for today and tomorrow and am eager to hangout there and relax by the water as my way of getting in a bit of a traditional spring break.

*image from this weeks post: How I Organize My Day Designer

One little luxury that I love to keep in my room on occasion is fresh flowers. I couldn't help but snag these tulips the other days when I passed them in the store. Tulips always remind me of home since my town has flowers planted all throughout our downtown area so these were extra fitting as a bit of encouragement this week. 

Fun coverups have seem to be a staple when it comes to packing for the beach and the pool and the SUNDRESS brand continues to be the most popular on Instagram from what I can tell. While they are so cute I couldn't justify purchasing one from this brand last year when I first saw them and ended up finding an INCREDIBLY similar one on Fortunately enough for all of us, they brought back this design again this year and it's under $20!

Friday Nell and I drove home together which definitely makes the long haul a bit more fun! This time we mixed our trip up a bit by listening to an audio book (Anne of Green Gables, a childhood favorite for both of us) and making a more fun pit stop than our typical Chipotle or Chickfila. We went to the Varsity in Atlanta and got a quick lunch and a Frosted Orange for the road which seemed like a good treat to kick off spring break. 


After dropping Nell off and finally being back near my stomping grounds it was sunset making my welcome home especially pretty! South Carolina sunsets are definitely rivaled by sunsets over the bay!


This weekend has been very relaxed as I have been enjoying spending some time with my parents and catching up on a bit of sleep. On Saturday we had crawfish (my favorite) on our front porch and I fell asleep watching Harry Potter. This morning I woke up and went for a run and then this afternoon we went for a long walk by the water since the weather was perfect. While I wish the rest of my week would remain to be this relaxed I know that going back to school will be a lot easier if I get some work accomplished (including paining a cooler for a fraternity formal). Lucky for me I have lots of favorite coffee shops that would be more than willing to keep me caffeinated in order to accomplish these endeavors. 

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! 


  1. Can I say you have the prettiest hand writing ever?? Can you please plan out my agenda? haha. I hope you have a wonderful spring break!!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  2. I am so jealous that you will be at the beach this week! Have a great spring break!


  3. Hope you have a relaxing spring break!

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