Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Step Into My Month

Wow, long time no talk and boy have I missed all of you. I feel like I am always saying life is busy but I don't think I've had a busier time in my life than right now. Don't you worry though because not all of the busy has been school related and there has been some fun sprinkled all about. It has been so hard to have to prioritize stuff aside from blogging but I do hope that y'all understand that even when there is a spell of time where I am away there is nothing I'd love to be doing more than coming up with new content and being creative in order to post on here! 

The last time we talked was over my spring break weeks ago. So since I've failed to keep y'all in the loop with Step Into My Week posts I only thought it would be fitting to come back to you with a Step Into My Week Month post. 

Spring break was restful and relaxing for the most part. Although I really should have gotten a lot more school work accomplished than I did I was productive in a different sense (i.e. cooler painting for a fraternity formal) and the relaxation was much needed although I like to pretend that I can function nonstop successfully and with ease. I spent most of my spring break at home aside from going to our beach house for a couple of days to spend some time with my grandmother and I can't tell you how nice it is to be at home in a quiet environment with less responsibility when your semester seems to be flying by with everything to do and not enough time to do it. Coffee went back to being a luxury as opposed to a necessity and there was plenty of time to sleep, relax, and catch up on Netflix. 

As I mentioned, there was also a whole lot of cooler painting to do while at home since I was coming back from the break with a busy week filled with all things initiation for our new members. As president a lot of this fell onto my shoulders and I got a lot less sleep than I would have preferred so I was pretty much determined to have the cooler painted and ready for the following weekend by the time I came back to school. I'm also a little bummed I didn't take any better photos of it before giving it to my date since it took so much longer than I ever would have anticipated. To anyone painting a cooler all I have to say is best of luck, it is quite the undertaking.


So after a nice break at home it was straight back into the stress of spring semester. Fortunately, initiation was super successful and more serious than it has been in years past so that was a huge relief seeing as I felt like all of my time and energy was going into it to make the whole event special for our new initiates. After initiation we have a dinner and our basket ceremony in which the new initiates are showered in all of the KD gear they could ever imagine. Our family of three is back to being a family of four and we couldn't be more excited! 


 Initiation occurred on Wednesday so the rest of the week was spent catching up on sleep, celebrating St. Patricks day with friends, and getting ready for formal that weekend. The formal I attended took place on Tybee Island and ended up being such a blast and was just what I needed after a busy week. Although ignoring school work all weekend was a bit stressful a ton of KDs were there too and it was awesome to be able to hangout with them there. 

*The dress I wore is my roommates (thank Soph!) and I found it in a long version but can't seem to locate the exact one in the photos above. 

We came back on Sunday afternoon and that night we had chapter and I forced myself to be productive with the crazy school week combined with greek week ahead. I somehow managed to make it through and get everything done on time even though there were times when I definitely questioned whether or not that would be the case. Fortunately though we had a short week because of Easter this past weekend. I couldn't justify two days of travel for two days at home so I actually ended up staying on campus which was a bit odd but fortunately my roommate and a few other friends were on campus as well. I was able to catch up on sleep, be productive on my own terms, go hiking, watch an embarrassing amount of Gilmore Girls, and even make myself an Easter dinner that I'd like to think rivaled what my family was eating at home. 


Whew, you still there? I hope to have some new posts up for you soon but in the mean time I would love to know what you've been up to or if you have any specific requests for what you want to see in blog posts to come!


  1. Looks like you had a busy month! I love your cooler- I recently did my first one and it was alright.. not really sure if I want to put it up on my blog because I'm not in love with it. But great job on yours!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  2. My March was crazy as well.Your dresses look so pretty!

    Sophia [Living a Fiction]

  3. Busy month, girl! I am the same way after breaks... always wishing I was a tad bit more productive with schoolwork!
    Miss Olivia Says

  4. sooooo excited you're back girl!!!!

  5. The cooler looks great! I remember painting that Sigma Nu crest and its so much more tedious than it looks...you did an amazing job! LOVE your formal dress to, that color is so so pretty. Looks like you're having an amazing semester!


  6. Welcome back Dorothy! You look you're having so much fun this past month! I would love to see another week in my life vlog like you did in the fall!


  7. Tybee is such a great place to vacation! Used to go there all the time with my grandparents. Thanks for reminding me of these great memories, and hope you made some of your own on the island!


  8. If you have a chance it would be great to see your outfits of the day for a typical week. I live in California but it's fun to see southern outfits too! Hope you have a nice week :) xo Elizabeth

  9. Wow! What a busy month! Glad to see you're back! Could you give tips on how to push through the end of the semeste! I've got finals soon and I'm finding myself more and more checked out as the days go on and warmer weather makes an appearance! Have a wonderful (less stressful) week! :) Baley


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