Monday, August 3, 2015

My Top 10 Must Haves For College

So by now you've probably seen my Complete College Packing List and at this point you're probably questioning why I've now come up with a post solely containing my top 10 must haves. Well, these products were my absolute favorites to have at school during my past two years of college and you can guarantee that they will be packed in the car again this year as I head back to school. In some cases these items were life savers and made my experience  much more enjoyable. While I can't say they are life changing they are products I would highly recommend you looking into getting before heading back to school.

 From dorm decor essentials to things you may have just overlooked hopefully this post will help remind you of a few products you still need to purchase as well as give you some insight into must have products for the less glamorous areas on your college campus (read: community showers).
So… here they are, my top ten must haves for college! 

In no particular order….

1. Desk Hutch

This hutch is under $40, well made, and provides so much extra storage to help ensure that your desk doesn't get too cluttered. I loved being able to display books, nail polish, and photos along the top shelf and store my school supplies on the side ones. This was the perfect size for my desk and allowed enough room to put an acrylic magazine holder on one side without anything falling off of my desk. This is the best price I've seen for a product of this sort (so many are in the high 100s) and it is light enough to move with ease. 

2. Headboard or Headboard Pillow

I had both a headboard and a headboard pillow last year and loved the more permanent touch they added to my room. A headboard is a great way to pull your room together and make it look more like home. I will definitely be making a new one for my apartment this year and have a headboard pillow ready to go as well. They are comfortable, functional, and not to mention super cute. 

3. Sound Machine

My saving grace this past school year! I lived on a traffic hall right by the door that all greek affiliated sophomores came in and out so I know what it is like to get loud. This sound machine kept me sane this past year and was perfect to drown out people on the hallway and people coming in and out of our building. I now keep one in my room at home and one at school because I have come to love white noise while I am sleeping. 

4. Quality Tote Bag (and a duffle)

You never know when you are going to have to go somewhere and a backpack may not look professional enough. From conferences to meetings a good tote bag is a necessity. For me, I carry my tote bag at least twice a week when heading to student teach at local Greenville schools and I adore that I chose a print and color scheme that matches everything. Since I am usually not that practical that is one decision that I am beyond pleased with. Make sure you get one that is large enough to fit your laptop and planner since chances are those will be heading to various meetings with you! 

5. Water Bottle

You probably already have one (or more) packed but if you haven't do not forget this! Carrying a water bottle with you is the perfect way to encourage hydration and keep you refreshed. I stick one in my backpack pocket and fill it up throughout the day and am at a loss when I've forgotten it!

6. Rain Boots & Rain Jacket

Walking to class and getting wet sounds miserable. Some people would just skip class if this were the case but having a cute rain jacket and rain boots will be the perfect motivation you need to head to class  in the rain. Better yet would be having a friend drive you but if not your rain boots will do the trick!

7. Shower Wrap & Shower Shoes

Community bathrooms really aren't that bad and mean that you don't have to clean them or buy your own toilet paper (you can use that money for coffee). I would however, be cautious walking in this community style restrooms barefoot and that is why shower shoes have made the list. They are cheap and don't take up much space and ensure that your feet are off the floor while getting clean. A shower wrap is also a great way to comfortably (and modestly) walk down your hall to the bathroom before you shower. No more worrying about your towel falling off leaving you exposed! 

8. Planner

If y'all have followed the blog for a while then you will know that I swear by my planners. College allows you a lot of free time and managing that time is better spent when you are able to schedule out your days. 

9. Bedside Table Lamp 

Most dorms have fluorescent lighting that can be kind of harsh after a while. Bringing lamps and other lights is for one a great way to make your room feel a bit cozier. I had both a bedside table lamp and a desk lamp and they were the perfect way to make the room a bit brighter. It is also extremely convenient to be able to turn off the overhead light and turn on your lamp when your roommate may be going to bed a bit earlier (it's all about being courteous!).

If you are planning to hang anything in your room then bringing a bevy of various side command strips and hooks is a must have. Adding photos and art to your walls is the perfect way to hide those less than appealing cinder blocks so I highly recommend it and command brand products are pretty much the only ones that universities allow you to use. Be sure to put these in a handy and easy to access location for move in day!

Did you scroll past those and decide not to read them? Well, you're in luck because I also made a video on this exact topic (since y'all keep asking for more videos). Here is the corresponding video and I would love to hear what items you find to be essential!


  1. Wow, I never realized you could buy desk hutches! I always see dorms with those and wish that my dorm desks had upper storage area. That's awesome.

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  2. Great post. Looking at this list is making me miss college shopping already (I just graduated).

  3. Awesome as always! I love your posts and totally agree with this one.

    XOXO Cat

  4. I didn't even know sound machines existed, but I'm moving to pretty much the heart of campus so I'm sure I'll need one!

    Ane | Basque Prep

  5. I love all of these and will definitely save this for when I go to college in two years! I have a sound machine app on my iPad and it is a lifesaver!


  6. Great ideas! I am considering getting a dorm hutch for my dorm room and I noticed in your dorm tour that you had a small cork board inside it and I was wondering if you knew what size the cork board is?

  7. so accurate! made me miss college!

  8. So many great ideas! Especially the lamps, I can not stand those harsh fluorescent lights.

  9. I'm just starting the college application process but I've been watching tons of dorm videos and reading a plethora of blog posts about college! I can't wait to design my dorm room and I definitely will not forget these!
    XOXO, Tay

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