Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Easy Ways To Turn Your Day Around

We are nearing the middle of August which means lots of students are preparing to head back to school, a big bummer especially if your summer has been a blast! Sometimes early alarms and loads of homework can put a damper on your day and put you in a less than pleasant mood. If this is the case for you then it is important to find quick and easy ways to turn your day around. Everyday isn't necessarily going to be the best day ever but by taking time to do things you enjoy then each day can be at the very least good! I have gathered some of my favorite ways to turn a bad day around and hope that you'll share yours with me as well! 

Accept That You're in A Unhappy Mood


Call A Friend (or your family)

Cat Nap

Listen to your Favorite Song

Buy Some Flowers

Take a Shower

Watch a TV Episode or Funny Youtube Video

Write Down What You're Grateful For

Clear Out Your Inbox

Go For A Drive

Do Something Nice For A Stranger

Enjoy Some Solo Time

Find Something that Makes You Laugh

Get Lost in Buzzfeed Quizzes 

Have A Snack

Go For A Walk


So those are mine but I would love to know what is your favorite way to turn your day around?


  1. What can turn my whole day around is listening to my favorite song as loud as I can, and dancing around. It seriously makes me smile like a fool!
    Great list of things to do!

    xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld

  2. Great ideas girl! We could always use a little more positivity in life!

    Always with love,
    Sadie Lee

  3. I love the flowers idea! My secret is taking my dog for a walk. His excitement makes me so happy! Thanks


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