Friday, April 17, 2015

Step Into My Week {#15}

Whew, what a week. In some ways I feel like it went by really fast but when I think back over what I did each day it seems like it had to have gone slowly to fit all of that in. Last week is our last week of school and I wish I could say I was excited about that. In reality I am a bit terrified because of all of the assignments I have due before the following Tuesday (the 28th). This weekend is definitely going to be one filled with a lot of homework and studying but I also have a fun excursion planned for tomorrow morning. The girls I am living with next year (in an apartment!!) and I are all biking the 7 miles from Furman to downtown Greenville for breakfast. I am so hoping that the weather cooperates because it will surely be a blast. Here is a picture of the girls I am living with next year! This is probably a better image of us than if we took one mid bike ride..

Last weekend was also a lot of studying but on Saturday I enjoyed the perfect weather we were having by going and getting crepes with a friend and then playing some tennis.

Sunday morning I went for a great run around our lake and surrounding trails and I was so pleased to see some pretty flowers lining the paths. On Sunday night we had our KD Senior Banquet which was a lovely dinner honoring our graduating seniors. The seniors were all given superlatives and we all enjoyed a delicious meal together. I am definitely sad to see the senior in my KD family graduating!

 My dress can be found here.

This week was Greek week at Furman which has been really fun but also a bit more work on the PR side. As some of you may know I am Vice President of Public Relations so there was lots of events to publicize. 

Monday night as a part of Greek week there was a charity event at Chipotle so some of my KD family and I went to that and ended up going to Whole Foods afterwards. I can not go into Whole Foods without wanting to buy ALL of their flowers. If you are in need of some flowers then you won't want to miss their selection. 

Wednesday I taught my final lesson for the semester that integrated drama, music, art, and a content area into a 20 minute span and I thought it went super well which is relieving. How funny do these pipe cleaner people that I used for my lesson look? People were questioning me all week for having these in my room.

The rest of the week was pretty much filled with making sure I was on task with assignments and I am embarrassingly excited to get a lot of work knocked out this weekend. That and some shopping since the Lilly for Target collection will be released on Sunday!

If you didn't see my other posts for the week then be sure to check them out!
(Also, shameless plug, I made a Facebook page for my blog and would love it if you would go and like it!)

Tonight I'll be participating in Relay for Life at my school which will be really fun. If you'd like to donate feel free to do so here!

Now for things on my radar this past week…

J.Crew Factory released some awesome New Arrivals that are 50% off currently!

Kendra Scott released her summer collection and all of the pieces are just as bright and fun as you would imagine them to be!

Her Campus released an awesome book "The Guide to College Life" which would be the perfect thing to add to someone's graduation gift. Even as a rising Junior I am sure I could find tons of helpful tips in it as well. 

Kate Spade is currently hosting their Friends and Family 25% off sale with the code DEAREST! Awesome pieces on sale and some perfect Mothers Day gifts in the mix as well. 

What posts are y'all hoping to see in the weeks to come? I would love to know so that I can go ahead and plan them out before life gets crazy busy with exams, packing, and traveling!


  1. Absolutely love that dress on you, Dorothy! So pretty!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  2. Loving the pipe cleaner people! I am an education major at Clemson, so my apartment is always covered in craft supplies and classroom activites!

  3. Love your dress! Your bike ride sounds super fun! Good luck!


  4. I am loving your dress you wore for your formal, you and your friends look beautiful. It looks like you had a great week, and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  5. Absolutely loveee your dress Dorothy and you look absolutely gorgeous!!! Where is it from?!?


  6. This all sounds so great! I wish that we lived in a more bike friendly town (uh, with better weather, too), because the idea of biking to crepes sounds amazing! And I agree with everyone else, love your dress!

    jess | Bows & Bouquets

  7. love this, sounds fun

    check out my newest post

  8. Love that dress you're wearing! But since it's sold out, I was wondering where your friend's dress is from (the girl in the very top pic all the way to the left-- the white one with the orange designs)? It would be perfect for an upcoming event, if you could ask her that'd be awesome!


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