Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lilly for Target Successful Shopping Tips

It's almost here! I remember being home when the collaborating was announced and I excitedly told my mom all about how two of my favorite places to shop were combining to form a collection. After all of the anticipation there are only four days left before the collection is released including today! I know I'm excited to shop but I also know that any sale that involves Lilly Pulitzer can be subject to sell outs and crashed websites. Similar to my posts for the Lilly End of Summer Sale and New Year Cheer Sale I decided that it may be helpful for me to share my best tips for y'all to use while shopping the sale. Since this is the first time Lilly and Target have been together these are just my best guesses as to how successfully shop.

I unfortunately will probably not be heading to Target early Sunday morning to see the pieces in person since the Target near Furman isn't all that nearby. It's about 30 minutes away and since the collection is offered online I'll shop from the comfort of my bed. I'm sure many other people are taking this same approach, which could mean that products are more likely to sell out online than in store but I think it is likely that demands will be high at both places.

No matter which way you shop don't be the person that buys tons of pieces with the intent of reselling these at a higher price. Collaborations like this aren't meant for consumers to make a profit. If something you get doesn't fit then return it so that someone else can enjoy it. The great thing about Lilly being offered at Target is that it is becoming more accessible for everyone so don't take that away from other people by hoping to make a profit.


Arrive Early!

Know what you want and where those items may be located in your store!
It could really help if you go to the local target that you typically shop at since you more than likely know the set up. Also if you're super dedicated you could scope things out the night before. It's uniquely that merchandise will be out but the chances of reorganization in some areas is likely to start the night before. 

Fill your cart with pieces that you're interested in and then go try things on?
Depending on how popular you think this collection may be in your area you may want to bring someone to watch your cart while you try some stuff on. That is if you are feeling really intense about the collaboration. This is kind of the opposite of the online strategy but if it is in your cart in the store then it shouldn't go anywhere as it could online.

Try not to trash the store!
Don't be one of those people who hides pieces you aren't fully committed to buy but may want to come back and get in various places around the store. These employees are more than likely already dealing with a lot of stress from this so save them some trouble!

Make an account before the collection is released and be sure you're signed in!
This is a tip that I reiterate during other Lilly sales and it really does make checkout faster. Go ahead and plug in the credit card you want to use so that you're not wasting time doing that when you could be shopping.  

Go through the cookbook and favorite the pieces that you are interested in to shop the collection a bit easier!
This is a fun online shopping task that will surely get you excited about the release. Scroll through the products and favorite on the website which items you are interested in. Now for the party pooper suggestion...make a budget.

Now go back through what you have favorited and decide whether or not you actually wear or use the piece on a regular basis!
Chances are you don't need 6 dresses from the collection no matter how cute they are. Go through and see which pieces and patterns you're most interested in and whether or not you will actually wear these pieces often. Try your very best to stick to your budget in the midst of the excitement and chaos of the event.

Once you have items in your cart go ahead and checkout to ensure that these items will arrive at your doorstep!
I don't believe that Target holds things in your basket so checkout to make sure you get the products you really want. Currently Target has free shipping and returns for purchases over $25 so take advantage of that!

Have multiple tabs open on your browser!
Yep, I am one of those shoppers and am not the least bit embarrassed. If one tab isn't ready to roll then I'll refresh the next one! I guarantee you my screen will look a little something like this:

Be an early bird!
Sometime between 12am and 2 am the collection is expected to be released. Obviously Target isn't going to announce that certain time to keep it fair but if you're incredibly determined with this sale and want to shop all of the collection then you'll have to be an Early Bird.

Stay social!
Chances are your instagram feed may be blowing up with photos thanks to bloggers and other Lilly lovers on the day of the release. Be sure to follow the hashtag, #lillyfortarget to connect with other shoppers and see what they've snagged or may want to trade with you! I'll be tweeting and instagramming the day of the event and the night before so be sure you're following me, @prepinyourstep. There was also a pre shop last night in NYC so there are tons of photos of the merchandise on there!

Did you see my favorites of the collection in this post?

What is the first item you'll be looking to get on Sunday?


  1. I'm so excited! I'm planning out checking on my local Target on Sunday- hopefully they don't sell out because I live in an area where Lilly is pretty popular!


  2. Fortunately I love in an area where most people don't care about Lily. Whateves, more for me! (; I'm so excited to check out this line!

  3. The scarves are my favorites along with the home goods! Awesome tips, Dorothy!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  4. Thank you for this, it was so helpful! I'm planning on being at Target bright and early on Sunday :)

  5. Thankfully my Target is two minutes down the street and in Arizona I don't think many people care that much about Lilly {at least I don't think they do}. These are great tips and I can't wait to use them!

    Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  6. That’s well said if we follow all these tips means definitely we will get successful shopping.

  7. Most likely not me.Lilly Pulitzer's stuff is adorable,yet not my personal style.I'm happy Target has chosen to incorporate plus sizes in one of their designer accumulations,however I wish they'd done this prior years.@Lisa Moore.

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