Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Finding the Perfect Pair of Jean Shorts

Jean shorts are one of those clothing items that can be done tastefully or they can look very trashy. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of jean shorts for quite some time now and can happily say I've finally found a pair that fits all of my qualifications. I love the versatility these shorts offer and am shocked that I went without a pair for so long! It should come as no surprise to me personally that this wish list item was hard to come by since I've always been pretty particular about the types of jeans / pants / shorts I like. That is probably partially due to the fact that up until I was 11 or 12 all of my pants needed to have the adjustable elastic bands in them in order to get them to fit properly (thank you children's place and gap!).

Still to this day I think I have the adult version of elastic adjustable size pants by means of my clear invisibelt. In order to get bottoms to fit the way they should in the hips they never fit properly in the waist leaving an awkward gape in most of my shorts, a problem that the invisibelt fixes. From the get go it should have been very clear that wanting to find a pair of jean shorts that fits properly, is in a wash color I actually like, in a decent length, comfortable, and have them not be too expensive was an assignment within itself. Thank goodness for free shipping and returns because I used that to my advantage.

So what's the perfect pair for me? A super on sale pair of dark denim shorts from Nordstrom Rack! These were actually the shorts that I doubted the most when scavenging through the internet eyeing endless amounts of denim shorts but with little luck thus far I decided to give them a try and I am beyond glad that I did. When I tried these on the other day I was in disbelief at how well they fit. They are super stretchy, a modest but not to grandma looking length, and have a super flattering wash.

Since I have seen what seems like all of the short options offered I thought maybe I could help other desperate shoppers out by including other denim options that are perfectly appropriate (and cute) to wear this spring and summer!

So what was on my list of criteria?

1. Comfortable (ideally a bit stretchy and soft).
2. Relatively inexpensive.
3. Dark wash.
4. Leg holes are loose (I didn't want my thighs to feel suffocated).
5. Versatile and Appropriate (a good length, preferably not cut off, and no holes please).

This may seem picky but it seems to have paid off!

Maybe when I get more comfortable transitioning these into my everyday wardrobe I'll branch out and go for a different cut and wash but for now I am perfectly content with the perfect pair I found for under $30! I can't wait to pair mine with my white converse and comfortable tees for a casually chic look. I also tried these boyfriend styled ones that are an awesome price if you are looking for something a bit more relaxed (I'm trying to decide if I should keep them as well).

What qualifications do you have when it comes to various pieces of clothing? Are you as picky as me?


  1. Jean shorts are such a staple for me in the summer! I have more modest ones like these, then cut offs, etc. They're just so versatile!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. You're not alone Dorothy, I'm suppper picky about almost all my clothes, especially dresses. I agree that it can be difficult finding a good pair of jean shorts, so thanks for posting some options. I've found that Gap usually has a good selection.

  3. Love this

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