Monday, April 6, 2015

8 Ways to Soak Up Spring Time

Winter this year felt incredibly long and cold. Maybe that was due to how it seemed to drag on. Our first snow came November first and the last near March! And to think we had it easy compared to all of y'all up North!  I am ecstatic that spring weather has finally come and is hopefully here to stay. The weather these past couple of weeks has definitely made that seem like more of a reality. Although it's a tiny bit chilly in the morning by early afternoon the last place where I want to be is inside. Spring sunshine is hard to beat since it is still bearable to be outside and enjoy it in comparison to the sumer temperatures.

When the weather is as great as it has been lately I try to find every way to enjoy it. These are just the tricks you need to guarantee a good mood and the best use of your time to soak in spring time!

Study outside.

Nothing is worse than being cooped up in the library when it's perfectly sunny outside. Try to find a nice table to work out to ensure that you're still productive while enjoying the environment. If you just have some reading to do the grab your ENO (or borrow a friends) and hang around in your hammock to get your work done.

Take a car ride with your windows down.

Nothing screams spring and summer quite as well as car trips with your windows down and sun roof open.

Workout outside.

Whether it is a run, bike ride, walk, or hike why not spend some time being active outside. I try my best to avoid working out inside at the gym when the weather is perfect outside. There are so many awesome trails around Greenville that I love exploring during this time of year!

Buy fresh flowers.

Tulips, peonies, and hydrangeas are all favorites of mine. Fresh flowers in my room always brighten my mood and why not bring the beauty outside inside. Nothing beats waking up and seeing something bright on your bedside table.

Transition your wardrobe.

Spring cleaning is on everyones minds but why not start in the most fun space, your closet. There is something so satisfying as packing away sweaters and trading in neutrals for bright colors and whimsical prints. This past weekend as I was headed home for Easter I brought back all of my winter clothes and love that my closet is solely filled with bright spring pieces.

Go to the farmers market.

Downtown Greenville has an awesome outdoor farmers market. I love stoping by the booths and grabbing a smoothie and breakfast while shopping for locally produced foods and goods. Such a fun start to your Saturday.

Sit outside for meals.

This is a no brainer. Why not ask to sit outside when it's nice out, maybe it will even help you get a table faster! Our dining hall at school even gives us the option to sit outside and I love enjoying that option when the weather is pleasant.

Get your favorite coffee iced or opt for a smoothie.

This may seem silly but since the weather isn't cold why get a hot drink? The great thing about most coffee shops is that they can easily switch your favorite hot drink into an iced one! An even better way than coffee to start your day is by getting a smoothie. Refreshing, tasty, and a healthier option than coffee that is sure to have you ready for warmer weather and ample sunshine!

What is your favorite way to enjoy the spring?


  1. Great post! I will definitely be using these tips to help keep me motivated through exams and excited for warm weather!

  2. Finally being able to run outside again is the best thing ever!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  3. Studying outside is my first thought when it comes to spring, we have a big table on our back deck & I always spread out there and enjoy the sunshine :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  4. Studying and eating outside in the garden are some of my favourite things to do. It's a great change of scenery and it's a great way to enjoy the sunshine :) x


  5. Windows down is the best way to go!!

    xoxo, Mal

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