Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Announcement + Tips

Get your alarms set and your credit cards ready! January 5th at 8AM EST the Lilly Pulitzer New Years Cheer sale begins. If you're new to these Lilly Pulitzer sales then you may be curious as to what all of the hype is about. Well, online Lilly Pulitzer doesn't typically put things on sale aside from their 2 big sales of the year when the deals are unreal and the internet is prone to crashing! Lilly Pulitzer prepares by removing loads of items from previous collections and re-listing them the morning of the sale at incredibly discounted prices.

For the sale to go more seamlessly here are my best tips for shopping the sale, let's hope the internet doesn't crash this time! (It didn't during the past summer sale so there is hope).

Create an Account & Log In Before the Sale Starts
Creating an account will make your shopping experience so much easier! By already having your addresses and cards in the system you are more likely to get the pieces you really want with less stress. You can go ahead and create your account now and be sure to log in before the sale begins so that you don't have to worry about that  since time is of the essence once the sale begins!

Check Out Often
Something you definitely need to keep in mind while shopping is that items in your cart are not reserved. If you desperately won't one of the pieces in your cart then go ahead and check out since shipping is free. Items can disappear from your cart as quickly as they are adding which can be frustrating so hopefully you'll have luck with the checkout process. Traditionally with the sale checking out is the slowest part of the process.

Open Lots of Tabs on your Browser
My browser looks a bit like this during the sale…

Shop From Multiple Devices
Similar to having multiple tabs open shopping from multiple devices (computer, iPad / tablet, phone) semi-gurantees that you'll be able to look at different pages all at once hopefully letting you get more of the items you love!

Continue to Shop During the Entirety of the Sale
With so many great products on sale it is hard to really notice everything and some products are bound to be overlooked. Some of the best deals can be found on the last day of the sale so keep checking in.

Have Favorites in Mind & Know your Size
Elsa's, dresses, and Murfee scarves are always my favorite Lilly pieces so those will be the first things I check out. By knowing what size you are in items and having set pieces in mind then you are more likely to obey my next tip...

Use a Bit of Self Control
It can be super tempting to snatch up everything with deals like this but remember to have some self control. Only buy pieces you know you'll wear in your size in prints you like!

Be Polite
 I can't think of anything more discouraging for the Lilly team to see than negative Facebook posts and tweets about the sale. It is a privilege that they host this and while it can sometimes be frustrating for the site to crash there is no excuse for being rude! I always make a point to thank the team through social media for their hardwork to make up for the rude comments they receive!

Check out Lilly Pulitzer's sale tips here!
Be sure to check back tomorrow morning and see my favorites from the sale!
Just remember this sale only runs the 5th and the 6th so go ahead and shop.
Shop away, see you at the sale!


  1. Great tips! You'll have to do a post on what you buy from the sale! :)

    xoxo, Abby

  2. I am -beyond- excited about the After Party sale!! Like let's be honest here… Lilly Pulitzer was such a goddess ahaha. Also your point about "My browser looks a bit like this during the sale…" …I am literally cracking up over here!! So so accurate!!

    xoxo, Brooke ( )

  3. Thanks for the tips and tricks! Also, your comment about politeness could not be better said. Amen! LP is amazing, but no need to get snarky. Good luck in the morning!

  4. Question... How do you know which items you should splurge on and which items to wait for sale? Is there any kind of hint in advance what items will be on sale? Do they bring back prints from years past? Or can you ever say "the After Party (or New Year Cheer) Sale usually has items from one season past." Do items ever show up that are brand new or never released?


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