Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sorority Recruitment Tips + An Outfit Idea

If you're about to begin winter recruitment you're not alone! I head back on the 8th and have two weekends of recruitment that will be all encompassing during pretty much all of January. I remember being nervous and super excited all at once. To help ease the nerves and maybe give you some ideas for the whole process enjoy these tips!

 Don't take things too personally

If you are dropped by a sorority you happen to have close friends in, don't take it personally. I know that's hard to hear and it is hard not to take things personally especially when a place may have been your favorite house but keep going and know that they are just helping the process of finding the house that is perfect for you. This is especially hard during delayed recruitment since you've more than likely formed relationships and bonds with already affiliated members.

Try your best to remember the names of the girls who are talking to you

This can be so hard! The rooms are loud and there are tons of girls mingling about the room but do try your best to remember the names of the girls who hold conversations with you! Fortunately, during recruitment everyone wears name tags so if you forget you can sneak a peek.

Dress to impress and choose ahead of time

An excuse to get new clothes? Yes please! By deciding exactly what you are going to wear along with the accessories and shoes you're planning to wear as well. Since it is January you need to plan for it being pretty chilly so dress accordingly. The final round of recruitment last year I carried my heels with me and wore sweatpants under my dress and slippers on my feet. Call me crazy but when you are waiting outside before going in you're going to want to be as comfortable until it's time to go in as possible. 

Here is a look at my outfit slippers and sweatpants included…

If I were going through recruitment again and could pick out an entirely new outfit for Preference Tea I would be wearing this…
dress (on super sale & I'm so tempted to snag it) | heels (1 or 2) | jacket (1 or 2) | ring | bracelet 1 & bracelet 2 

Share something unique about yourself

By sharing something unique about yourself you are making it more likely that the girl you are talking to will remember you! This is super important especially if you go to a really large school. Keep making eye contact and be engaged this shows interest which can't hurt! 

Ask questions

If you have any questions about anything relating to a particular sorority then be sure to ask the girls in that house your questions! We love talking about our philanthropy and events we do as a chapter and would love to share more of our experience with you!

Be sure to eat well during this week, you're more fun when you aren't hungry

 Eating and snacking are always a must for me and I am so much more fun when I am full! Your recruitment counselor will more than likely keep little snacks for you for throughout the day which is great however, be sure you are eating pretty decent sized meals as well! If you don't eat you may be grumpy which doesn't send off the best impression.

Be yourself

Easy as that. Don't try to be someone you are not because you want to find your place in a house where you can be yourself!

Ignore reputations and choose the house that is best for you

This one is as simple as what I stated. Don't listen to what other people say, if you like a house then go for it! With delayed recruitment you've probably already seen reputations and have a pretty good ideas of the stereotypes. Keep those thoughts in mind but still take the time to get to know more about each house and what they have to offer.

Try to keep an open mind

This is something that I definitely didn't do. I really wanted KD and fortunately I got it however, if I had been dropped it would have been a lot harder to get really excited about other houses if I hadn't gotten a bid from KD. By keeping an open mind being dropped could lead to a new opportunity instead of a disappointment!

Take notes each night

Keeping a journal is a great way to document your feelings of different houses during the day. Write down anything you thought so that you can reference it as you make bigger decisions.

Don't be too nervous

I know, I know, easier said than done. Think of it as meeting new people and that will help to ease your nerves. I had heard loads of stories from friends at larger schools who had recruitment at the beginning of the year and I won't lie they kind of freaked me out. After my first round on the first day I realized that there was no reason to be nervous and it was actually really fun!

Use the restroom before rounds

You would hate to get into a round and have to use the restroom the entire time. You'll have a lot more fun if you make sure to use the restroom prior to the beginning of the round. 

Keep Smiling & Have fun!

And as annoying as it is to hear this cliche phrase it really is true and you won't see it until you're well into getting involved with your sorority but it works out for the best!

If you have any other advice or if you're preparing to go through recruitment and have questions leave them below and I'll try to answer them!

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  1. I have a post up about sorority recruitment tips! I remember that I wore sweats under my dress for Prefs last year- it was so cold! Great tips :) AOT!

    xoxo, Abby

  2. The entire tips are very useful to all those who seeking the job. Smiley face, neat dressing will definitely keeps you attractive.


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