Friday, November 21, 2014

Step Into My Week: 11/14-11/20

Fortunately for y'all this weeks Step Into My Week will be a bit more entertaining and photo filled than last weeks + I have lots of fun on my radar items as well!

Friday after class my chapter of KD and Wofford's KDs met up in downtown Greenville to cohost our International Girls Day with the Girl Scouts (one of our philanthropies). I was a Girl Scout when I was younger and that is one of the ways I met my best friend so it is so fun to be able to give back to them. We celebrated confidence and being ourselves with loads of fun stations and games!

Go Confidently, Go KD!

They learned how to do the KD hand sign and were pretty keen on doing it in every single picture, it was the cutest thing ever!

That night a girl from my hometown spent the night with me and we went downtown to eat dinner and catch up. We ended up watching movies back in my room attempting to stay warm as the temperature seems to be dropping. I was so glad I could show her around Furman and my fingers are definitely crossed for her to come here.

Saturday we played one of our biggest rivals Wofford and I got to work in the president's box during the game because of my involvement in an organization called Presidential Aides (we work as liaisons between the student body and Furman's president). It was such a cool experience and the view was incredible! I also couldn't complain that it was inside considering it was FREEZING outside!

I even got to see one of my co-counselors from camp who was visiting Furman this weekend! 

As for the school week… it has been very project filled! I had two big projects due so I spent a lot of the week typing and hot gluing away! I am lucky that those are done going into Thanksgiving break though so I really can't complain.

Now for what has been on my radar!

I have some super duper exciting news to share with y'all that I have been keeping from y'all for a little bit. I wanted to make sure that everything went through before even mentioning it but… I am now on my sororities executive council. This is something that I really wanted to do since before even joining a sorority and I am so excited that I now have this opportunity. I am now my chapter of KD's Vice President of Public Relations and couldn't be more thrilled! My big was just elected as President so I am really excited that we will both be on Exec together!

I know it is still a bit early for Christmas but this video was absolutely adorable! Not to mention that Idina Menzel is coming out with a holiday album!  I am definitely getting into the holiday spirit especially since I head home for Thanksgiving tomorrow!! Eep!

Since I will be driving home tomorrow I (am a bit embarrassed to admit this) will without a doubt be listening to One Direction's new album and Taylor Swift's of course! If you happen to be driving from South Carolina to Alabama on Saturday and see a girl driving with brown hair (belting) singing along to these songs then chances are it is me. 

J.Crew Factory's New Arrivals are perfect! This black dress NEEDS to be in my closet, it is the perfect holiday frock! Shop all my favorites at the bottom of this post!

Kate Spade has released the cutest gallery wall prints! Kate Spade stores always have the prettiest prints in them so I adore that they now offer the option to purchase them (Facebook Exclusive)! Also, their new holiday ads are pretty cute showcasing tons of fun gifts any girl would love to give or receive! 

Be sure to check out the gift guides I posted this week! Monograms & Guys!

Shop all of my favorites from the week right here!


  1. Those Anna Kendrick videos are hilarious! I absolutely love her!
    Be safe on your trip home :)

    xoxo, SS

  2. Love your post

    check me out

  3. Sounds like a full, fun week! I love that your chapter joined up with Wofford KD - I was a ZTA, but I definitely recognize a few familiar faces from my time at Wofford. A great way to come together despite the heated rivalry ;)

  4. Looks like such a fun week, Dorothy! Your sorority pictures are always so cute :)


  5. Congratulations on your new exec position. I was (am) a ZTA and I served on exec for two years. Being on exec really draws you closer to your sorority and especially the other girls on exec.
    The Postcard Journals

  6. Those little girls are so cute! I love the Kate Spade videos too!


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