Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide {Guys}

I definitely think that the hardest people for me to shop for when it comes to Christmas gifts would have to be the guys I know! For me that only includes male family/relatives (dad, brother, etc) but for many I know shopping for a significant other can be especially tricky! I've been sure to include a wide variety of prices for these gifts and hope that if you are still on the hunt that this will help you out! Some of the links may even surprise you price wise and fit in your budget!

My dad reads my blog (hey dad) so I can't say what I plan to get him and I know part of what I will be getting for my brother but the rest is to be determined so I'd love any ideas from y'all as well!

Also, I just noticed that I put a lot of alcohol related things on this gift guide and I am in no way trying to pinpoint that guys want alcohol or gifts related to alcohol for Christmas. My brother just turned 21 so I guess I was considering fun age appropriate gifts I could get for him and that's why I included so many!


  1. These are great ideas! Needlepoint key fobs have always been my go-to for guy friends. Along with that, needlepoint hats - Smathers & Branson and Harding Lane both make really cute, simple ones.


  2. Ties are always a great gift for guys. I have a friend that can make the most wonderful bowties, so I usually call her when I want to gift a bowtie but not break the bank!

    The Everyday Elegance

  3. I love the corks, such a great idea

    check me out

  4. Loving those pajama pants! Might have to get those for the boyfriend!

    I'm giving away an Ace & Ivy monogrammed rain jacket! Enter here!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

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