Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tips for a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Happy Thanksgiving again to y'all (read my earlier post from today here)!

Let's not forget what today is all about before we jump into the sales! I know a lot of us are thankful for things we already have but that doesn't mean we can't be thankful for sales either though. I know I'll be spending this Black Friday and Cyber Monday ordering the gifts I am giving my friends and family this year! I have never been someone to go out and Black Friday shop so while I don't have much insight on the out and about in person maneuvering I am happy to share some tips for how to shop in your pajamas from home on both of these occasions! 

Just fair warning, prepare yourself and your wallets for some amazing sales and be sure to stop back by here for a round up of all of the deals you need to make this black Friday and cyber Monday the best yet!

Think of your friends.
Now is the perfect time to snag gifts for friends and family. After all if you get something for them on sale you may be able to spoil them a bit more! I have a running note on my iPhone of gifts I would love to get my friends and being able to find those on sale is icing on the cake!

Pre-shop big stores to know what you want before knowing the deal.
We are all aware of major chains having sales. If you go ahead and peruse through the stores site and find things you want (and add them to your cart!) you are more likely to buy things because you want them instead of buying them because they are on super sale and you couldn't resist. I always have a few things in my shopping carts around the web and they are usually pieces I really want but just can't justify purchasing at the moment. If these products happen to go on sale now is the perfect time to snag them. 

Don't get too caught up in the sale, be realistic.
Know your limits! I can't imagine anything worse than blowing all of ones money just because things were on sale. Go into things with a mindset of how much you are willing to spend and more importantly stick to that number. While black Friday and cyber Monday are great if you can't afford something there are sure to be other sales at other times!

Also, think of stuff you may use on a daily basis and see if it is on sale so that you can stock up! 
Best of luck and checkout all of the amazing sales all together in one place here tomorrow!


  1. These are really good tips!

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