Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Travel Struggles + Travel Essentials

My first time flying alone was quite a struggle. The weather was crummy and the Tuesday before Thanksgiving isn't exactly a slow travel day!

It began with my struggle of driving to Charlotte in the storm! Delta was kind enough to move me to an earlier flight that finally took off an hour after my original flight would have taken off! It was an absolute mess but I will spare y'all all the details and instead show y'all what helped me through it!

Below were some of my travel survival essentials for my travel struggles!

Travel Survival Essentials

1. Headphones and a playlist!
Let's just say that when we were stuck on the runway for an hour + a lovely man in overalls sitting in front of me suggested we all start singing and thats when my volume on my phone was cranked up and I was all too thankful for my headphones.

2. Snacks
My travel times were so tight that I missed lunch yesterday. I was thankful to have a kind bar and sour jelly beans stowed away in my purse to fill my stomach!

3. My vest
Not only did this keep me warm during the day but it doubled as the perfect travel pillow to use to take naps during my flight!

4. My Phone + Delta's App
Especially for a first time traveler texting my parents with updates as well as checking delays and gate numbers on my delta app were an absolute travel must!

What are your travel essentials that I should know of before flying back?


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