Thursday, November 7, 2013

Taking the Perfect Study Break

At this point in the semester I feel like everyone is roughing it and counting down the days until Thanksgiving! This week I was swamped with two tests on the same day meaning I was an absolute the wreck the night before. One thing to remember is that your studying is less productive if you don't take breaks! Sometimes by taking breaks I get more stressed out because that is more time I could've been studying or sleeping!

Below are some ideas I have had about taking efficient study breaks. The rule of thumb is that for 50 minutes of studying you get to take a 15 minute break (or at least that is the statistic I've heard).

Taking the Perfect Study Break

1. As blogger obviously I want to spend some time of my day reading what other people have taken the time to write since I hope for them to do the same! Posts are usually short so you would be able to read a couple during your break, be inspired and enjoy!

2. For this one, set a timer. Pinterest is so great about eating away at your time! Oftentimes the organization pins inspire me to study a little harder and take notes a little neater which is great inspiration while working on school work. Follow me here!

3. For me, painting my nails is short and sweet. For my roommate on the other hand it may take a bit longer (Hey Nell!). Be sure that if you are painting your nails on a study break that your next tasks are already set up on your desk and that you are doing something basic like typing or flipping through flashcards so you don't ruin your new mani.

4. I love taking walks around the lake at Furman with friends. This is the perfect time to catch up with them and enjoy the change that the seasons bring. Sometimes however, working out is more effective to wake me up and give me energy!

5. Snacks always help me to focus! I definitely don't learn well on an empty stomach. Lately my favorites have been hot chocolate and popcorn!

6. Taking a bubble bath isn't exactly practical in college considering we don't have bath tubs (nor would I want to use them if we did, why do you think we wear shower shoes!) but the idea of a bubble bath sounds so soothing. For now though, I will stick to peaceful warm showers!

7. My parents and I decided that Sunday would be my day to call home. Lately though they have reminded me that I can call any time. Hmm, think they miss me? Well, I miss them too and calling them is the perfect way to free your mind from the books while showing them how much you love them!

What are your favorite ways to take study breaks?


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