Monday, November 11, 2013

Evelyn Henson - Painting as a Celebration of Life

Recently I discovered the cutest Etsy shop selling adorable girly painting and prints! I was originally drawn to this shop because of the map of Furman Evelyn sold but I instantly fell in love with everything else as well!

Evelyn Henson's pieces are so precious and creative and are the perfect way to spruce up any dull space in a room.

I hung her perfume bottle print by the side of my desk where I store my makeup brushes, lotion, and perfume. 

Another one of her prints that I got is from her holiday collection. As a Christmas lover I couldn't not choose one that is an elf quote! Right now this one is displayed on our fridge!

And lastly, my very favorite of all, the Furman Map Print! This one has yet to be hung since we want to get a standing frame for it. I love the colors used and it is the perfect gift for any current student or graduate!

She highlights all of Furman students favorite locations in such a fun and playful way! Once we get a frame for it we are planning to display it on top of our microwave!

 Be sure to check out Evelyn's shop for tons of unique prints!
Which are your favorites?


  1. I love those! Prints always seem to make a room brighter and more fun!

    Breckenridge Clare

  2. I discovered her on Instagram yesterday! I LOVE the perfume bottle print!

  3. Cute! I especially love her bar cart print and the "let your light shine" print.


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