Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year Resolutions

I know what you are thinking, this seems really late! However, better late than never right! Although this month is half way over I still have plenty of time to continue working with my resolutions and I hope they give you a few ideas!

New Years Resolutions

I figured that as a blogger it seemed fitting to have both online and personal goals set in place!

Online Goals:

1) Blog Every Week Day: This can be extremely difficult with my hectic schedule during the school year as well as my 2 month duration of time at camp. This is definitely going to take a lot of planning on my end but I know that I will feel incredibly accomplished if I am able to achieve this!

2) Comment On More Blog Posts: One of the highlights of my day is to check my email to see if anyone commented on my post for the day! Knowing how much each comment means to me has inspired me to comment on more blog posts! The blogging community is such an uplifting and positive place and I hope my comments contribute to that atmosphere.

3) Inspire Others: I love receiving emails stating that I was the inspiration behind anthers blog! I loved it so much that I wrote an entire scholarship essay about it! Knowing that yo have impacted anthers life in a positive way is such a great feeling!

4) Wish People Happy Birthday on Facebook: I know this probably sounds very silly but I love looking through Happy Birthday wall posts at the end of my birthday and seeing that small gesture! It may take all of two seconds to type in Happy Birthday but it never fails to put a smile on my face!

Personal Goals:

1) Accept Everyone: Everyone struggles with comparing themselves as well as judging others. I hope to not get caught up in this and instead accept everyone for who they are considering I have no right to judge them! A subcategory of this resolution is that I want to give more compliments! An easy and kind way to brighten up the worst of days!

2) Be Spontaneous: I am an organized and neat person and it seems that my life revolves around a schedule. This year I hope to be a little more spontaneous, it is times like those that create the best memories!

3) Worry Less: I am definitely a stresser. When things are out of my control I become a worried mess! I need to recognize when situations are outside of my control and teach myself how to avoid worrying about them!

4) Save More: With college right around the corner I am hoping to put more money in my bank account. Especially with graduation and a job at camp coming up this year I am hoping to make my bank account a little bit fuller and my spending a little bit hungrier!

5) Be a Role Model: This one is similar to my online goal on inspiring others but I want to be a person and conduct myself in a manner that is worthy of recognition. I hope that others are able to see me as a role model and that my actions reflect this resolution!

What are you working on this year?



  1. Your new years revolutions are so uplifting! I am going to try to give more compliments this year also. Ill start with you: I love your blog! It is so cute and has made me addicted to etsy's monogrammed clothing!
    Thanks for blogging!

  2. Great goals!! I too always try to comment on more blogs. As much as I love blogging, sometimes it takes away from me reading up on my favorite blogs. Hopefully that will change :)


  3. Aw such great goals! Even though I just started my blog, I definitely want to post and comment more! Saving is always on my list of things to do too :)

    xx Ani


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