Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My favorite iPad Apps, What are your favorites?

As some of you may remember from my Christmas post, I received an iPad for Christmas! I absolutely love its size and convenience! I have already discovered quite a few Apps that are great and I would love your suggestions about your favorite apps as well!

Ignoring the preinstalled apps that come on every device, I am going to share which apps I already have installed!

The Lucky Non-Foldered/Use ALL of the Time apps are Gmail (for my blog) and Pinterest (Dorothy W.) ! If my iPad counted which apps were used the most it would definitely reassure me that those get the most attention!


Social Networking:
1. Twitter- I love using twitter as a tool for blogging and I think it is a great way to inform others of new posts and announcements! My twitter is @prepinyourstep if you are interested in following me.

2. Facebook- This is pretty self explanatory, who doesn't love Facebook!

3. Instagram- Another tool I utilize as a blogger, I love taking photos and looking at other peoples photos! My instagram is prepinyourstep!

4. Snapchat- Selfie heaven!

5. Blogger- Obviously this is one of my favorites since blogging is a major part of my life! I love how convenient it is to blog anywhere and have really enjoyed writing posts on my iPad!

1. Ebay- Recently I have really been liking ebay. You can find some super awesome deals on here! My best deal so far has been a signed Essentially Lilly Book for $17!

2. Etsy- Obsessed!

3. Polyvore- while this isn't really "shopping" I think it is best classified in this folder!

4. Nordstrom

5. Rue La La- My favorite of all flash sale sites! If you would like to join you can do so here!

1. Youtube- I would love to know why they deleted youtube from preinstalled apps but nonetheless I enjoy watching some youtube videos through this easy to navigate app!

2. Netflix- I love Netflix! As ridiculous as this sounds, some weekends I will watch Netflix on my iPad while I type blog posts on my computer! Netflix has amazing shows-5 seasons of Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, DC Cupcakes, and countless others!

3. Pandora- I have stations for everything and don't know what I would do without pandora, Love!

1. Cloud On- This is absolutely amazing if you are a student who uses Microsoft products! This is a free app that connects with drop box and encompasses multiple Microsoft programs. I love this for note taking!!

2. Drop Box- Perfect for sharing documents between multiple workstations without having to email documents back and forth!

Now I need your help! Like I said earlier, I absolutely love blogging from my iPad but I have yet to find the perfect app to easily read my favorite blogs on the go! If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!



  1. I have an app called G-Whizz and it all of your google account things in one place! I use it for mainly Google Reader because I have synced the blogs I follow to that! It's awesome for school mornings when I am waiting for my ride but don't have time to go sit at the computer!

  2. I use Feedler RSS, you can sign into your google account and then you'll see all of the blogs that you follow or any blogs that you have in your google reader account!

  3. Bloglovin' is one of my favorite apps!!! You basically just type in all of the blogs you want to read, click follow, and new posts will show up in the feed! It is SO wonderful- you should definitely try it out!

    xoxo, Frannie

  4. Bloglovin' is awesome! So easy to use and see new blog posts from people - definitely recommend!

  5. LOVE the post!!!


  6. Great post! I love the twitter, blogger, and youtube app too!

  7. Tiny Wings is such a great app when you are bored!!

  8. I'm also looking for the perfect blog reading app but have yet to find one :(


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