Saturday, April 15, 2023

Target Designer Collaboration Drop with Rhode & Agua Bendita

 I've loved shopping Target's designer collaboration drops for years. I still remember my mom and I making our way to Target to shop when Liberty of London collaborated on a collection and I think one of those pieces remains in my closet to this day. Over the years I've added many other collaboration pieces to my closet when the brands were ones I already knew and loved! I was especially excited when I saw that this spring's launch would be with Rhode and Agua Bendita. While I've only become familiar with these brands over the past couple of years the colors and styles make a fun statement and feel much more attainable at a Target price point! The collection officially launches today (Saturday), and due to the popularity of these brands and Target collaborations in general I suspect many sizes will go quickly. If that's the case shopping in person at your local Target can be more successful than you'd expect! 

I've included some of the styles that caught my eye when browsing online for those of you interested in shopping. With a honeymoon on the horizon after our wedding I may order a few different pieces to enjoy now and pack away for whatever tropical destination we ultimately decide on since many of the shades are a bit more muted and would work well for a warm climate in the fall! Links to each of the items can be found beneath the image. 



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