Monday, May 10, 2021

Step Into My Week 5.10

 Happy Monday! I’m gearing up for a busy week trying to get ahead before heading out of town on Friday and coming back the following Tuesday. I always try to do as much as I can ahead of time to make easing back into work after a vacation a bit easier, but getting it all done can feel overwhelming. My first stop early this morning was the car dealership for an oil change and getting my AC looked at, and I have a feeling there will be plenty of other similarly early mornings this week. But, I know y’all are all here to get an update on what I’ve been up to this past week instead of reading about today’s to-do list, so here it is.

I got up early on Monday morning to go to an MPower Pilates workout on the megaformer. I’m starting week two of their free two-week trial after having loved joining their cycling classes over the past month. The Pilates classes are so good but so hard that I wind up sore for a couple of days after! Once I got home and showered, I was working from home the rest of the day, up until heading to help Elizabeth at the Hibiscus House showroom. Once I got back from there, I continued to get a bit of work done while making dinner and meal prepping. Eventually, I got in bed and read.

I was up early again on Tuesday for my favorite instructor's cycling class. I came home and showered afterward and met my boss at Church Street Coffee for a check-in meeting around 10:00. We ended up having a big storm roll in, and I was especially glad to be working from home that afternoon. I got through most of my to-do list by 5:15 and once there was a break in the weather went over to Hunter’s house since we had plans to have breakfast dinner. We made hashbrowns, omelets, and pancakes all of which were delicious and seemed extra cozy for a rainy evening. The Parent Trap was on that night so we watched that despite having seen it within the past couple of weeks. 

Wednesday morning, I had another MPower Pilates workout and went straight to get flowers after it was over. I came back and got some work done before a meeting about some upcoming shoots. I went to Trader Joes to get more flowers for my shoot the following day and went to the office to pack up my props. I came home around 2:00 and arranged the flowers and eventually showered and got ready to go to our Cinco de Mayo supper club. We had tacos with all of the chips, guacamole, and queso we could’ve wanted and sipped on margaritas the entire evening. After eating on the porch, we moved inside to play Mexican Train until around 9:30. I was home and in bed before 10:15, which was good since I had a busy day on Thursday. 

I had a bit of computer work to do in the morning and finished packing my car with props before arriving at our location around 8:45. We couldn’t have asked for prettier weather. We wrapped the shoot around 1:30, and I came home to continue to get work done. Around 5:00, I showered and got ready for the first Thirsty Thursday Barons game of the year. Beforehand, Hunter and I went to the Pizitz Food Hall for dinner before the game started. We ran into some friends but sadly weren’t there all that long since it looked like it was going to storm since the sky was getting really dark. We got a milkshake on the way back to Hunter’s house and watched The Highwaymen instead, which was really good.

Friday morning, I got off of the waitlist for a workout and went before working from home. I went to help Elizabeth at Hibiscus House’s showroom that afternoon and came home and watched TV in the living room before getting ready for dinner with some of my girlfriends at Gian Marcos. After dinner, we got drinks at the new Valley Hotel in Homewood before everyone headed home.

I tried to sleep in on Saturday but woke up around 8:20 and decided to start some laundry. I got coffee from Crestline Bagel after that and spent most of my day relaxing at home. I arranged some flowers in the afternoon, and Hunter stopped by to take them to his mom while I got ready before going with him and his family to drinks and dinner. We went to The Club for drinks and then made our way to the Birmingham Country Club for dinner. I ordered the redfish, which came with a crawfish etouffee that was delicious. After dinner, I went to sleep relatively early. 

I had been talking about trying a new donut place all week, so Sunday morning, Hunter agreed to go with me, and I picked him up a little before 10:00. We tried three of the different flavors and two of the dipping sauces, all of which were good! He and I watched Chopped and played chess after eating the donuts and a little while later made a trip to Home Depot for potting soil to plant some flowers. I went to another MPower Pilates class in the afternoon and talked on the phone with my parents after going to the grocery store. I showered, made myself dinner, and got in bed early to try to get ahead on some blog posts for the week and then read. 

I hope that y’all had a nice week as well! 

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