Monday, February 15, 2021

Step Into My Week 2.15

 Happy (cold) Monday to you! We have freezing rain in the forecast today so going into the office feels a little bit less than exciting, especially since I know I have a busy week ahead. Plus, my work schedule keeps changing, which doesn’t work particularly well for the planner in me. It took me a bit to remember what all I had been up to this past week, but I did my best to fill you in below! 

I started my Monday morning with a workout class at true40 before having video meetings most of the morning. I eventually showered and made myself lunch before working on documents about those meetings to send to the teams I was working with. Later in the afternoon, I went to Amanda’s house to photograph and style pieces for her upcoming painting launch. Now that I’ve seen them in person, I can’t wait to see them purchased and hung in people’s homes! That night I made myself dinner and took my needlepoint project to Nell’s apartment to watch The Bachelor with her. Once the episode ended, I came home and went to bed.

Tuesday, I had a shoot, so I was in the office early to pull props for that and begin setting up. We were only shooting one recipe and styling it a bunch of different ways, so I was, fortunately, able to get through a bunch of follow up product emails I had in my inbox. I think we wrapped up the shoot a little after lunch, and I came home and got some more work done from the sofa. Nell and I went on a walk in the afternoon since it was surprisingly comfortable outside, and that night I went over to Hunter’s house, and we cooked some steaks he had purchased along with potatoes and broccoli. I had mentioned that a local ice cream place had released a couple of flavors that sounded good, so we went to Big Spoon to try those out while watching Netflix’s Enola Holmes before I left to go home.

My second shoot of the week was on Wednesday for some summer recipes, which contradicted the weather outside. We wrapped that up around 2:00, and I was able to unload my cart and organize my desk area before I eventually left and headed home. I had purchased the ingredients to make a soup over the weekend and finally got around to it on Wednesday night before my roommate and I watched the Free Brittany documentary that recently came out. Given my lack of knowledge of pop culture, it’s really not surprising that I had no idea any of that was happening, but it was interesting to watch nonetheless.

The weather was terrible on Thursday, which made me especially glad to work from home that day. I slept in until right around 7:00 when my workday started and was able to get a lot done without ever having to venture into the rain. Hunter came over for dinner that night since I had lots of soup left from the previous night, and we watched The DaVinci Code after we cleaned up from dinner. I didn’t realize how long that movie was, so I was very glad we started it early. After he left, I got in bed to read but fell asleep almost immediately instead. 

I went to another True40 class on Friday that was Valentine’s Day themed and spent the rest of the morning on video calls for my shoots this week. Around lunchtime, I went to the store and then showered and cleaned up the house a bit since a couple of friends we’ve seen here were coming over for a Galantine’s Day celebration. There were so many delicious treats, and we mainly just hung out before my roommate insisted we play MASH. The girls left a little before 10:00, which led to an early bedtime for me! 

Saturday morning, I woke up around 8:30 and worked on a blog post in bed with a cup of coffee before eventually getting my day going. I had purchased the ingredients to make a flourless chocolate cake that was so easy and equally delicious that I made that morning. I did some laundry, ran the dishwasher, showered, and needlepointed while watching TV before eventually getting dressed for the day. Hunter wanted to go to a butcher shop that was about 20 minutes away to get stuff to make for dinner the following night, so we did that before heading back to his house. We played chess and Mario kart for a little while until eventually heading to our friend’s Macy and Drew’s house to eat dinner together and have a small game night. I took the cake I had made over there and was happy to have more people to share it with since it was very rich. We left around 10:00 after playing a new-to-me game that I’ve now forgotten the name of.

I slept in a little bit on Sunday morning before finally putting away my laundry, working on blog posts, and making a grocery list. That afternoon I had a zoom meeting as a member of the chapter advisory board for Birmingham Southern’s KD chapter, which lasted about an hour. I then went to the store and made soup to eat for the week. I continued to work on some blog stuff before showering and heading over to Hunter’s house so that we could make the food we had gotten the day before as our Valentine’s Day celebration. We had swiss and bacon dip as an appetizer, Mahi Mahi with vegetables and cous cous for dinner, and the remains of the chocolate cake I had made for dessert. We tried to find a movie to watch, but nothing on Netflix sounded that good/was what we were in the mood for so we ended up watching some of the second season of the glass blowing show, Blown Away, instead. 

I hope that y'all had a nice week and weekend! 

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