Monday, February 1, 2021

Step Into My Week 2.1

 It’s kind of nice to start the first day of the month on Monday! It brings a lot of freshness to it, at least in my mind. I have a feeling y’all are going to find this Step Into My Week post a bit boring since I haven’t been up to that much and had my lamest weekend in a while. Even still, I tried to think through any detail possible to include to spice it up a bit, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. 

Monday wasn’t off to the best start since the team I was meeting with about our photoshoot this week kept changing the time, and I hate starting the week on an unorganized foot. Eventually, they settled on 10:30, a far cry from our originally agreed upon time, which caused me scrambling to reorganize my schedule to accommodate. I know we aren’t supposed to be in the habit of making plans and not expecting them to be altered (at least in 2020 anyway), but that sort of thing always throws me for a loop. Eventually, we had our meeting, and I was able to work up a photo worksheet for us to reference on set. During my lunch break, I went to the store since I procrastinated doing that on Sunday and then got some more work done. Later in the afternoon, I met up with a local artist who I will be helping out some with styling, photography, and social media, which was definitely the highlight of my Monday. She’s from my hometown and creates really beautiful, colorful pieces, so I know we are going to have a lot of fun together. I was there for about two hours before coming home, heating up dinner, and heading to Nell’s to watch The Bachelor. I came home and went to sleep soon after it finished. 

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Tuesday was a full work from home day for me, and I started my workday pretty early so that I could go for a run during lunch. I showered and made lunch before heading to Nell’s apartment to work from there in the afternoon. She was studying, so it was a nice change of scenery while still being productive. After the workday ended, I responded to some blog emails before heading to Hunter’s to make dinner. We made a Mongolian meatball recipe that I had made before but wasn’t completely sold on this go-round and vegetables to go with it while watching some Netflix Barbecue show competition (sos send us all the movie and TV recommendations). After watching a couple of episodes, I went home and went to sleep. 

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I woke up early on Wednesday and got to the office around 7:30 to pull props before our shoot officially got started around 8:30. I was back at my house by 3:30 after picking up flowers from Trader Joe’s on the way home for the following day’s shoot. I got a decent bit of work done from home, and around 6:30, I went to Hunter’s to cook dinner and finish the show we were watching. We made a chicken and rice meal and cooked some more vegetables to go with it. Once we finished the show, I left and went to bed. 

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Thursday’s shoot was for a summer table setting, so I had a few more flowers to grab on my way into the office before our shoot started around 9:15. We only had three different photos to get and somehow wrapped up before 11:00. I made lunch at home after putting my stuff away and worked from the sofa that afternoon. We went to our inaugural supper club at Macy and Drew’s house that night, where Macy had made a delicious ramen recipe, and we hung out there for a bit before realizing how late it was getting and leaving. I was in pajamas and asleep in no time after making it home. 

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Friday morning, I slept in until just before 8:00 before getting started on my workday. No one could meet about shoots on Friday, which meant I had an almost entirely uninterrupted work morning on my computer. I was able to work through some emails I had flagged and finalize what I wanted to order in for an upcoming shoot too. Once the workday wrapped up, I was excited since I had finally booked an appointment for a massage after receiving a gift card for Christmas. I went to Woodhouse Day Spa at The Summit and had a 50-minute back, neck, and shoulder massage. I felt so relaxed afterward and was glad to have a professional work on the knots in my shoulders. I went for a long walk that afternoon before showering and watching Soul on Disney + with my roommate that night.

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I was in such a funk on Saturday that I couldn’t seem to shake all day (according to some research I did, it could have possibly been related to an emotional release from getting a massage because otherwise, I have no idea why I felt so out of sorts). I did some blog work in the morning before eventually going for a walk while listening to an audiobook before doing laundry and showering before a very laid-back afternoon. Because of being in such a funk, I almost wished it had been a workday so that I hadn’t had so much free time while feeling like I had nothing to fill it with. A couple of friends and I went to an early dinner, but I was home and in bed by 8:30, hoping to sleep off my bad mood. 

Sunday morning, I woke up around 8:00, drank my coffee in bed while reading, and eventually threw on leggings so that I could head to the store to get groceries for the week. I made a crockpot soup recipe before going for a run and walk. I came home and made myself lunch before deciding to go to Trader Joe’s, which was a big mistake. The line was so long that I didn’t even go inside and instead came home to shower. I put fresh sheets on my bed, talked on the phone to my parents, and got some blog work done. Hunter and I went on a walk before it got dark, played backgammon while the soup I had made finished cooking, and then watched Knives Out (on Amazon Prime) while eating our dinner. A few friends from supper club suggested Knives Out when we talked about good movies to watch, and I am so glad they did. It is a who done it murder mystery movie, which is right up my ally and Hunter and I both agreed it was a good watch. It was also nice not to have to sit around scrolling for a while to determine what to watch, which also felt like a win. After he left, I got ready for bed and finished up this post before reading and turning the lights off. 

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my funk from the weekend doesn’t follow me into this week and that y’all are having a nice start to your Monday! 

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