Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Add to Cart: Willow Park Boutique’s Le Printemps Collection

 This weekend was a tease for spring in the very best way. It’s funny to say that after getting snow the Tuesday prior, but that about sums up Alabama weather for you. My roommate and I were just having a conversation about how this is the time of year when we get so sick of the clothes we’ve been rotating through non-stop all season but know there must be at least one more cold snap on its way before we can comfortably switch our closets from winter to spring. 

Just because it’s too early for me to make the switch, online retailers are already doing so, and I just came across a collection of items for spring that I wish would all show up in my closet. I’ve followed along with Willow Park Boutique for a few years now as their pieces are all items I could see myself wearing, but it wasn’t until they launched their Le Printemps Collection (I was able to shop it yesterday as an email subscriber, but I believe it officially launched on their site today) that I finally bit the bullet and ordered something. As soon as my order shipped, I opted in for text notifications since my excitement for the Caroline Top in French Bleu Floral is a bit excessive, given that it’s just a blouse. 

While I was tempted by all the pieces in the small collection, I know that blouses get more wear than anything else in my closet, and I have no doubt that this cute blue and green printed one will be a staple in my spring wardrobe. I’m already picturing it with white jeans for dinners outside and jean shorts for a Saturday margarita run. It looks like the top may have already sold out, but the dress in the same print is still available, as are a few other patterns of tops and dresses. So that y’all wouldn’t miss this cute launch, I’ve included all the pieces below for you to shop! 

the caroline top in french bleu floral // bleu bell and green garden floral masks // bleu bell cosmetic bag // the caroline top in garden green

mercer dress in bleu garden // the ella dress in bleu bell // mercer dress in french bleu floral


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