Sunday, December 1, 2019

My Christmas and Birthday Wishlist

I was shocked by how many questions I received about when this post would be going up, and I'm afraid I will be disappointing y'all with the practicality of this list. For those of you that don't know, my birthday is the day after Christmas which means that when I send my Christmas list to my family it fits both holidays. You'd think it would be a lot more exciting than what is below given that information, but as I've gotten older my list has gotten more and more practical. Along with being "responsible" (aka strategic) with what I ask for, it feels like the price of those gifts continues to increase as well. Hopefully, it goes without saying that this is just a wish list. While I'd love to receive all of these items (yep, tires included) I in no way expect it. 

For family that may be reading this post to get ideas of what to order, my shoe size is and 8.5, my ring size is a 7, and while I love a good surprise and you have my phone number if you have additional questions :) 

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