Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Week Confidence Boosters

Class for me officially started on Tuesday although it really didn't feel like the first day of class that day since I spent my morning student teaching before going to class at 2:30. Although I am a senior in college I still get a bit anxious before the first day of class even though this certainly isn't my first rodeo (I had to explain to my fourth graders that technically I'm in 16th grade). This year I was definitely more anxious excited than anything else. I was thrilled to be on campus, see friends, and have a big project turned in to start really enjoying the start of my senior year at Furman.

In case any of you are finishing up your first week or are about to start school for the semester I thought it could be fun to share some of my "wisdom" for how to boost your confidence during the first week in order to hopefully keep you feeling confident for the entire semester to come.

I've created 13 (lucky, right?) easy things you can do to boost your confidence and am so excited to share them with y'all! 

Pick out your outfit & shower the night before.
Boy have I had to get used to this. With student teaching I have to be up at 5:30 to get ready and drive 40 minutes to be at the school by 7:15. Getting dressed in the morning is already enough of a challenge but add in early mornings and the need for a professional ensemble and we have ourselves a doozy. Taking the time at night to figure out what you are going to wear will save you some valuable time in the morning as will showering. This is especially useful when you accidentally press snooze one too many times and are running late.

Be positive.
Attitude can change just about anything so having a positive outlook on the first few days will definitely make them more bearable. I know that waking up early for school isn't always ideal but going to school with a better attitude and a sense of excitement will have an impact on your mood for the rest of the day. 

Say hello to people (even if your don't really know them) and compliment others.
There is nothing more scary than starting fresh at a new place where you don't necessarily know anyone. While that may not be the case for you, knowing that other people are going through this will remind you that a simple hello or compliment, even to a stranger can completely change the start of their experience. Not only will you help to make them feel more confident but by being nice and friendly you will likely begin to feel more confident as well.

Anyone else always hear that it takes more muscles to frown? While you may be pondering how to count that as a workout those are some muscles I am not necessarily looking to tone. Smiling is the easiest way to make you look approachable, friendly, and comfortable where you are. Take in your surroundings and at least give the illusion that you are enjoying being where you are. 

Sit up straight.
I definitely do not have the best posture and would rather be comfortable than just about anything else which a lot of times causes me to slouch or sit in a more relaxed fashion. I find however, that when I focus on my posture and sit up straight in class I feel more prepared and confident with what is happening since I am more alert. I am by no means saying that you should walk around like a statue but taking a second to adjust something as simple as the way you are sitting can have a surprisingly big impact on the way you look and act.

Get a good breakfast (and don't forget the coffee).
I adore breakfast foods so this isn't usually an issue for me in the slightest but I know for a lot of people breakfast just may not be their thing. Making sure that you're getting enough to eat in the morning can influence the rest of your day. I am never very fun to be around or confident when I am hungry since my mind is preoccupied with when and what I am going to eat next so by ensuring that you have at least had something you will be better able to have an attitude that portrays how you actually are instead of how you are when you're hungry.

Head to school with a friend.
This tip is especially relevant for the first day when you may not be quite as sure as where to go and you don't want to roam the parking lot or hallways alone. Heading to school with a friend on the first day or two can definitely calm some nerves and create a little bit more excitement and overall confidence when it comes to how you approach reality. 

Be organized.
Scrambling to find books or notebooks for class is a sure fire way for me to feel less confident about a class and my schedule. Starting the semester organized instantly boosts my confidence when it comes to all things school related. Go ahead and have your backpack packed with any supplies you'll need and the notebooks you plan to use to help set yourself up for success.

Whiten your teeth.
One of the fastest ways for me to boost my confidence when it comes to my appearance is to whiten my teeth. Although it is such a small change it can be noticeable and really affect your attitude. I find that when I am confident about my teeth I smile more which makes me more approachable and overall happier. 

Don't compare yourself to others.
I'm sure you've all heard the saying that comparison is the thief of joy and that can be so true when it comes to confidence as well. Just because someone else looks great, is succeeding, or seems to have everything together doesn't mean that you should feel lesser. By avoiding comparison you'll be able to be more confident with your accomplishments and be able to celebrate in their achievements without jealousy! 

Listen to your favorite song on the way.
Music has a huge impact on my mood. I love creating a new playlist to listen to before a seemingly boring event just so that I wake up excited for it. My taste in music is always pretty random but by putting together some of my favorite songs from various playlists I am a lot more energized and enthusiastic about the day which helps contribute to my confidence.

Reward yourself.
Taking time to appreciate the accomplishment of completing your first week of school is well deserved. Whether it be spending time watching a movie, indulging in an exciting sweet treat, or purchasing a little something to help continue to motivate you I like to celebrate accomplishments big and small! 

Working out always makes me feel better about myself energy wise and can also contribute to one's perception of their appearance. While you definitely shouldn't put your worth in that exercising helps me to feel confident and productive when it comes to getting things done!

I'd love to hear any tips you may have for boosting your confidence in the first few weeks of school and hope that any of you that have already started class are feeling great about the semester ahead!


  1. I'm starting my junior year next week and cannot wait to start! Being on campus and hanging out with friends in beautiful weather is just the best! College really does go by too fast
    XO, kate

  2. I'm starting my junior year next week and cannot wait to start! Being on campus and hanging out with friends in beautiful weather is just the best! College really does go by too fast
    XO, kate

  3. This was great! I actually just finished my first week of college as a freshman! I was definitely super nervous, but I'm going to try out those tips next week for sure!

  4. I'm currently doing my Junior Practicum and it has been such a great experience for me and I have learn so much. I love the opportunity I get and can't wait to do my Senior Practicum and have the opportunity of getting my own classroom after I graduate this spring.

    The best luck to you !


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